Taking actions in line with existing laws

Logo of Myanmar President OfficeRepublic of the Union of Myanmar
President’s Office
Order 27/2020
15th Waning of Tawthalin, 1382 ME
(16 October 2020)

Taking actions in line with existing laws

1. The Union Government has steadfastly determined to establish a Democratic Federal Union. A free and fair election is an essential step in this regard. Accordingly, the Union Election Commission has announced to hold the Multiparty Democracy General Election on 8 November 2020 (Sunday).
2. Therefore, political parties need to comply with the Political Parties Registration Law and its bylaws. Hluttaw candidates who will contest for respective parliamentary seats also need to follow the provisions of the respective Hluttaw elections laws and bylaws.
3. At present, the right to elections is facing injustices such as various forms of violence, threats, disturbances, campaigns in various guises based on religion and race, creating unrest and conspiracy to disrupt community peace and stability.
4. Therefore, the Union-level organizations, Union Ministries, region/state governments and the relevant departments under them need to take effective actions mainly to ensure the rule of law in line with the existing laws.

Sd/Win Myint
Republic of the Union of Myanmar

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