Taking into account different situations on ground key for resettling IDPs

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  • The prolonged continuance of camps for the internally displaced in four states, Kachin, Kayah, Shan, and Rakhine, has posed a roadblock in the path of development of people driven out of their homes by conflict.
    We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, and for that, we need a comprehensive national strategy and adequate implementation mechanisms.
    However, identifying and implementing sustainable solutions for the internally displaced persons and closing of camps pose a tremendous challenge.
    We are aware of the urgent need to resolve humanitarian problems. The national strategy for shutting IDP camps must take into account the practicality and possibilities on the ground, as displaced persons are facing tremendous physical and psychological barriers to their development.
    Emphasis also needs to be placed on the resettlement of internally displaced persons in their place of origin, and helping them stay with dignity at IDP camps till they return home.
    The arrangement to resettle them needs to include security and the right to seek out opportunities and eke out a living.
    Some IDP camps in Rakhine and Kachin states have been closed, in keeping with the wishes of the people there.
    Projects have been conducted to help people develop freely through social protection, in keeping with the policy of the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement of establishing an inclusive society that ensures basic human rights, in line with democratic norms, and which helps people live dignified lives.
    We are all making efforts to help IDPs to return to their original homes peacefully. It is important for them to know that ultimately, they will return to their places of origin, and contribute to their stability and development.
    A draft strategy to lay down common principals for all IDP camps is being drawn up, but thought needs to be given to their appropriateness and the differing situations on the ground need to be taken into account.
    We can understand the feelings of people who had to move out of their homes. We are heading towards providing for the majority, and creating a safe community for the majority.
    While the primary responsibility to address this issue rests with the Government and the people of Myanmar, objective and constructive contribution and support of all stakeholders is crucial for the successful and dignified return of the IDPs to their homes.
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