Taking practical steps is key to solving complex issues


Since taking office, the Government of Myanmar has been striving to resolve the complex challenges in Rakhine State.
Regarding the human rights allegations in Rakhine State, the Government of Myanmar has made its position very clear that it will not condone any human rights abuses.
The government, making commitments to accountability and the rule of law, duly formed the Independent Commission of Enquiry in July this year to undertake investigations into allegations of human rights violations and related issues.
The Commission led by Ambassador Rosario Manalo, an eminent diplomat with rich experience in the field of human rights, is tasked to investigate allegations of human rights violations and related issues following the terrorist attacks with a view to seeking accountability and reconciliation, and to formulate recommendations on steps to be taken to ensure peace and stability in Rakhine State.
Action will be taken against anyone if there is sufficient evidence. The Commission will submit its report to the President of Myanmar within a year, including its recommendations prepared on the basis of the outcomes of its investigation.
After their field visits to affected areas in Maungtaw, the commission said it was very productive and allowed for more substantive discussions to take place, pledging that they would conduct its mandate based on the principles of independence, impartiality and objectivity.
The field visits also provided them the opportunity to have better understanding of the situation on the ground and to hear the voices of the different communities.
At a time when we are making efforts to find a lasting solution for the Rakhine issue, the Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar (FFM) which has been rejected by Myanmar issued a report on 27 August 2018. Since the establishment of FFM, Myanmar has made it clear earlier that it would not accept the results of its findings
Again, we would like to reiterate that we did not accept the mandate of the Mission because we have our concern about the Mission’s impartiality.
Besides, we have serious doubts on the intention of the timing of the release of the report.
FFM’s report has only served to strengthen the Government’s concerns. Not only is this Report detrimental to social cohesion in Rakhine State, it also undermines the Government’s own efforts to bring peace, national reconciliation and development to the entire country.
We did not feel that the establishment, composition and mandate of FFM and its report are in keeping with the needs of the region in which we are trying to establish harmony and understanding, and to remove the fears that have kept the two communities apart for so long.
Despite the complex challenges that we face, the Government will continue with its unwavering commitment to work towards peace, national reconciliation, development and democracy for all the people of Myanmar.

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