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Tatmadaw reoccupy Kyapazetgyi camp shortly after surprised attack of large-scale terrorist groups

Kayah Case sskm

Tatmadaw reoccupied the Kyapazetgyi camp in the Hway Pon Laung-Kauk Kauk region of Kayah State at noon after they strategically retreated for a while as a large-scale terrorist group of KNPP and PDF launched a surprised attack on the camp yesterday morning.
The KNPP and PDF terrorist groups attacked the Tatmadaw’s Kyapazetgyi camp, where Tatmadaw conducts security measures in Kayah State, using large and small weapons. Meanwhile, the security members strategically retreated from the camp and conducted a counterattack with the help of the air force and refilled the numbers. At noon, they reoccupied the camp and the terrorist group ran away to the northeast part of the region.
In the attack, some Tatmadaw officers and soldiers were injured and the dead bodies of terrorists and arms and ammunition were also seized.
Although Tatmadaw strictly follows the statement on ceasefire and perpetual peace which was extended to 28 February 2022, the security members have the rights to defend themselves from such attacks on military operations and military bases with the most effective methods.
The terrorists also committed attacks on the security forces who serve their duties to ensure the peace of border area and security affairs and the mine attacks along public roads of the border area, including other destructive elements. Therefore, the security forces beef up the security measures keeping in line with the rule of engagement (ROE). — MNA

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