Tatmadaw: ‘We will never again send trainees to Britain’

In response to Britain’s recent suspension of its training programme in England for Myanmar soldiers due to the violence in Rakhine State, the Tatmadaw said yesterday it would recall the officers as soon as possible and will “never send any trainees to Britain, including trainees agreed on previously”.
“In this multi-party democratic era, the Tatmadaw is constantly striving for cooperating in friendly ways with armies from neighbouring countries, regional ones and international countries.
“Accordingly, five Myanmar military trainees are attending training in Britain. But due to the demand of Britain parliamentarians concerning the events which took place in Rakhine State, the military officials will be deported”.
The five Myanmar soldiers arrived at the Myanmar military attachés office in London on Wednesday.
The Tatmadaw will recall them as soon as possible and said they will “never, ever send any trainees to Britain (in the future)”, according to a statement released yesterday by the Tatmadaw True News Information Committee. —GNLM

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