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Taxpayers must practice SAS to combat corruption

Yangon Region Government copy
SAS to be implemented to combat corruption and taxpayers and tax administrators no longer need to be in touch with each other. Photo: Yangon Region Government

Taxpayers need not get in touch with authorities to pay tax, as they can carry out the Self-Assessment System (SAS), which can stamp out bribery and corruption, said U Myint Thaung, Yangon Region Minister for Planning and Finance.
He made the statement during the sixth regular session of the second Yangon Region Hluttaw.
U Myint Thaung was replying to a question posed by U Kyaw Min Han of Latha Township constituency 2 on how the authorities would fight corruption and prevent misuse of power, dishonest tax reporting and reduce tax liability. To combat bribery and corruption, the SAS will be implemented, and taxpayers and tax administrators no longer need to be in touch with each other, U Myint Thaung noted.
The Internal Revenue Department is making efforts to adopt SAS in the Large Taxpayers Office (LTO) and the Medium Taxpayers Office (MTO) and gradually implement it in other offices. The department is thus trying to facilitate taxpayers.
“Tax compliance is under the vertical equity and horizontal equity. We will investigate tax evaders, encourage those who are liable to pay tax, prevent tax evasion and ensure equity for tax payers,” he said.
Tax evasion cases are investigated by township tax offices based on the statistics provided by the Yangon City Development Committee. The authorities will undertake an inspection tour. During the 2017-2018 fiscal year, more than 60,300 taxpayers were identified in the Yangon Region, said U Myint Thaung.
The certificate of tax payment by the Internal Revenue Department must be presented for construction, procurement of goods and services, and leasing and selling carried out by government departments and organisations to seek a licence, according to notification 158(1)/8 from the President’s office.
Tax authorities have already committed to providing customer service and preventing corruption. The related ministry and departments will take the carrot-and-stick approach, U Myint Thaung maintained.

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