Taxpayers should be duly recognized

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Myanmar has been undergoing a democratic transition for over four years but some words and phrases of the past eras are still lingering in the media. As these words and phrases can only represent the old eras, they should be left behind in the past.
For example, Myanmar media still use the phrases “government funds” or “state funds”, but it is common to see the phrases “taxpayers’ money” or “public taxes” in Western media and those of many other countries in the world. Although it is true that the government constitutionally has the right to manage taxes, it is also undeniable that taxpayers’ money consists of tax revenue collected from the people.
In addition, the government is also placing more emphasis on public taxes than on any other income sources like exports of natural resources. This factor is one of the most important characteristics of democratic reform. The media should use the phrase “taxpayers’ money” to duly recognize taxpayers and honour them as responsible citizens of Myanmar.
Moreover, no two words or phrases have exactly the same meaning and so cannot be substituted for each other. They have different definitions literally, logically, socially and so on, according to semantics, the study of meanings of words and sentences.

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