Teach traditional culture to youths in childhood

Loss of culture will reflect the loss of nationality. It is a true motto for all countries and all nationals. If culture does not exist throughout the world, all living beings including humans will be uncivilized. Consequently, those humans will easily commit evil acts. They will rudely live along their lifespans without rationality to analyze everything whether it is right or wrong. Consequently, society will encounter deterioration.
Myanmar’s culture and traditions are invaluable. As most people are in the faith of Buddhism, they are keen to serve the interests of society. They do not dare to commit evil acts but are delighted with serving each other in a humanitarian spirit. Parents and teachers as well as the elders give advice to the citizens to follow the ethics of society, traditions and customs in politeness. In fact, Myanmar’s society is full of lovely and honourable activities.
In Myanmar society, school children are under training to have cultural knowledge since their childhoods. Hence, their hearts and souls are impressed with social ethics on physical, oral and mental politeness in relations with others. It is sure that those polite youths would become the persons able to serve the heavy duties of the nation in the future.
It is necessary to relay such a good heritage to further generations. The intangibly cultural heritage of the nation is invaluable. Youths will have adequate knowledge to review the auspiciousness and evil acts whenever they face. If so, they can build themselves and their families as well as their nation based on cultural movements and heritages.
To be able to do so, it is necessary to give training on traditional culture on acts of politeness to the youths and children on their school holidays. Those youths must have knowledge about religious advice and traditional concepts. Only if their hearts and souls are filled with a concept of politeness will they have the capacity to improve their cultural capability to uplift the prestige and integrity of their society. Only when their minds are whitish will their works be qualified.
Every Myanmar citizen needs to accumulate knowledge about traditional culture and advice on religions. Good people can be famous and are keen to associate with relevant counterparts. If so, society will be growth with good and righteous persons who emphasize building the society with constructive attitudes. In consequence, society will be peaceful, tranquil and prosperous with flourishing lovely relations among the people.

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