Teachers, the lungs of the nation

[dropcap font=”0″]T[/dropcap]raditionally, students were considered to memorize facts. However, things have changed. Nowadays, with the learner-centred approach coming to the fore in the world of education, rote learning has become a thing of the past. Today in our country, all-out efforts are being exerted on planting the seeds of a dramatic reform in education as people have come to see teachers as creators of knowledge and schools as centres of lifelong learning. In every society, teaching has long been recognized as noble and gracious and teachers have always been held in high esteem. In addition, teaching is regarded as one of the most challenging and treasured professions for the simple reason that teachers are central to the political, social, economic, educational and cultural health of our country. It is therefore necessary to encourage teachers of today to adapt and adopt new pedagogical practices, establish a close relationship with individual students and find out their social and cultural backgrounds, interests, abilities and preferred learning styles. Students are likely to work harder when they are allowed to take responsibility for their own learning, when the curriculum relates to their lives, and when learning activities arouse their curiosity. While playing an active role in teaching, teachers are responsible for encouraging their students to take an active role in learning. In other words, teachers should bear in mind that they are no longer the king or queen of the classroom. They must stop playing an authoritative role in teaching. Instead, they must see themselves as educational guides, facilitators and co-learners, given the fact that learning is a lifelong process. In this respect, teachers of today need to reinvent their role inside and outside the classroom in order to produce better-educated students.

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