Telenor launches Web Shield to keep Business Customers safe from cyber threats

Telenor Myanmar on 1 December, announced Myanmar’s first new cloud-based internet security solution, Telenor Web Shield, for business customers of all sizes. This digital security tool, enabled from the Telenor network, helps protect customers from key cyber threats: malware, phishing and botnets attacks. Web Shield requires no additional hardware or software installations and is available for all Telenor business customers starting 1 December 2020.
“More and more businesses are moving online and rely on secure digital communication. COVID-19 has only accelerated this rapid digitalization. Business owners and executives must relate to and protect their businesses from rising cyber threats. With no installation required and instant protection over the network connection itself, Telenor Web Shield is the perfect solution to safeguard the enterprise while enabling our customers to focus on what matters to them – their business,” said Daw Yin Yin Htay, Chief Business Officer at Telenor Myanmar.

Growing concerns with cybersecurity and online safety
Concerns with cybersecurity and online safety are growing in Myanmar, and customers are looking to telecoms operators and the government for protection. According to a U-Report Myanmar’s Poll from earlier this year, 4 in 10 respondents expect internet service providers to help protect them online.
Telenor Web Shield blocks threats to customers’ cybersecurity even before a connection is established by applying Domain Name System (DNS) security technology. The Web Shield service analyzes DNS data to deliver real-time, effective, and accurate threat protection.

Designed with SMEs in mind: seamless and affordable
Telenor Web Shield is designed with small business owners in mind, keeping both cost and complexity of deployment low. Its secure technology is seamlessly enabled over the Telenor network, which means no software installations or configurations are required on customer devices. By placing cybersecurity systems in the network, itself, business customers can obtain stronger and more up-to-date protection against cyber threats than what individual software clients can deliver.
“Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have been challenged by the need for cybersecurity solutions to protect their customers, employees and partners beyond the standard firewall and antivirus software. Firewall and antivirus software may block some threats but today’s security threats like malware, phishing and botnets are getting more sophisticated. By launching the Web Shield service in its network, Telenor will deliver next-generation protection for its business customers,” said Sid Pisharoti, Regional Vice-President – APJ Media and Carrier from Akamai, Telenor Myanmar’s technology partner on the Web Shield product.
While every device and every business are open to cyber security attacks, Telenor Web Shield will make customers much harder to reach. Business mobile customers signing up during the promotional launch period will receive Web Shield protection free of charge up to 28th February 2021. Telenor Web Shield complies with end-user data privacy rules and regulations to provide customers with a transparent, sustainable security solution. — GNLM

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