Telenor Myanmar donates K70 mln for measures against COVID-19

Telenor Myanmar handed over a total of K70 million to the National-Level Central Committee for Prevention, Control and Treatment of COVID-19 to use for the on-going combatting measures. Also, Telenor customers generously contributed over K5.7 million via SMS-enabled donation programme, an amount matched by over 60 million from Telenor Myanmar.
Sending repeated text messages to the SMS facility between 9 April and 30 June, Telenor customers showed their generosity and solidarity to tackle the challenge of the coronavirus pandemic. “The people of Myanmar are known for their generosity and have proved it again through the SMS donation programme. It shows a strong sense of togetherness in the face of the infectious situation, and we are proud to be able to be a helping hand to communities across the country when in need. Telenor Myanmar remains committed to actively participate in relief assistance during national emergencies,” said Hans Martin Høegh Henrichsen, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Telenor Myanmar.
Telenor Myanmar has been monitoring the pandemic situation actively since Myanmar saw its first infectious-disease patient in March, and has focused on helping communities stay safe, connected and empowered. Efforts include donating essential hygiene, sanitation, and medical supplies to 15 quarantine centres in Bago region and Mon state through the Network Activities Group (NAG) to keep those quarantined, health workers and visitors safe and to prevent further spread of the disease. Keeping quarantined citizens connected, Telenor Myanmar brought 25,000 SIM cards loaded with 1GB data to regional governments for distribution in relevant centres. Committed to empowering societies, Telenor Myanmar remains actively involved in relief assistance during national emergencies. Since 2015, the company has provided more than K1 billion in humanitarian relief to affected communities as part of its corporate responsibility efforts. —GNLM

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