Terrorist attacks cause loss amounting to US $ 0.6 million to Maungtaw border trade within 20 Days

By Min Htet Aung & Tin Maung Lwin

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Workers load sacks of rice into a boat at Maungtaw Border Trade Station in August. Photo: A One Soe

U Aung Myint Thein, chairman of Maungtaw border trade’s merchant association said, “Till over 20 days after out-break of terrorist attacks in Maungtaw region, Maungtaw border trade could not be resumed, losing approximately at US $ 30000 as daily income from Myanmar-Bangladesh Border Trade.”
The suspended Maungtaw region border trade will be operated again as soon as possible, in consultation with responsible officials from Rakhine State government, depending upon regional stability, it was learnt.
Due to the suspension, some of the exports which can be easily transported through border gates had to be transferred via Sittway border trade gate. And, some exports to be urgently exported are piling up at the border gate. As some goods did not last long they lost qualities, causing a great loss to the business.
He added, “For now, on our side frozen “Ngamyitchin” fish were left to be exported. It was the worst thing for us. As they cannot be exported through this gate, they have been sent back to Sittway by linking with authorities concerned. Via Sittway, they were exported to Bangladesh. But due to their nearly-half-deteriorating qualities, exporters had suffered a lot. The other item is ginger. When they are kept long, sprouts easily grow up. So, we would like to export them for a few days. Another one is the rice. Compared to rice and ginger, they can last long, approximately 3 or 4 months at the utmost. Dried fish followed them. These items will be exported if allowed depending upon security of the area the exports will be stopped afterwards. Arrangements are being made to let them be exported for some extent with State Cabinet and respective departments.”
For the time being, ginger, rice and fried fish to be urgently exported will be sent to Sittway. But, there is also shortage of labourers, it was learnt.
He went on saying that many goods to be sent to Bangladesh are piling up and more than 12 motor boats loaded with commodities to be exported to Bangladesh were finding it difficult to be unloaded. They left for Bangladesh prior to the terrorist attacks.
Due to the stoppage of border trade, banks, departments and some shops were operating, regional income dropped remarkably. Respective officials are making arrangements to reopen Kanyinchaung border trade zone being built as Maungtaw border trade zone, as soon as possible, they still find it difficult under the current situations.

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