Terrorist trainings exposed in northern Rakhine

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Map shows location where terrorist trainings are conducted in northern Rakhine.

One trainer and 3 trainees who were arrested loading with hand-made guns in Maunggyitaung village, Buthidaung on 4th January confessed giving and receiving trainings for violent attacks in northern Rakhine.
According to interrogations, a two-week training for violent attacks was conducted at a hill west of Darpaingsayar Village in Buthidaung Township in July, 2016 and about 30 villagers from Darpaingsayar Village and nearby villages attended the training.
Two nationals from a neighbouring country and Mawlawi Adu Razauk from Paletaung Village in Chinthamar Village-tract trained them for shooting and basic martial arts.
Similarly, training for violent attacks were also given to about 15 villagers at a field near Gawduthara Village, Maungtaw Township and about 10 villagers in a valley west of Maunggyitaung Village in June last year.
About 10 villagers received training for violent attacks at Gawduthara (East) Village and five at a garden owned by Sunarli in Darpaingsayar Village in July last year.
Five villagers received the same training at a garden owned by Marmud Shah in Hsinohpyin Village in November last year.
During the training, two nationals from the neighbouring country and a trainee from Maungyitaung Village named Sardek arranged to make home-made weapons while the two people from the neighbouring countrie calculated requirements for making weapons and two trainees, Sardek and Mammaud Shoree, purchased necessary accessories from Santhit Industry from Ward-2 in buthidaung before Mammaud Shoree, Kumushu and the two people from the neighbouring country assembled homemade weapons. In June, 2016, Mammaud Shah of Maungyitaw Village and Zawtula Yuseop crossed from Tukuparlong Refugee Camp in the neighbouring country to Myanmar through an identified border gate along Kyaingchaung-Gukpeek mountain road, bringing 16 weapons to Mammaud Karyar in Maungyitaung Village, who was instructed to recruit young people and told that about 100 armed terrorists would came to Myanmar on 20 January 2017. Mammaud Karyar, Mammaud Shar and Larlu were also told to provide food, clothing and shelter for the attackers before they attack army and police outposts in Buthidaung. The financier of the group was Mammaud Shah of Maungyitaung Village, according to the interrogations.
Following the interrogation, authorities has detained Mumud Shah from Maunggyitaung Village for further interrogation and measures are being taken to arrest those who are connected with the trainings.

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