Terrorists arrested while holding meeting in Hnamkhar village of Gangaw, Magway region

GanGaw sskm

Terrorists under the names of CNF, PDF and YDF were arrested while holding a meeting, after locals reported to the nearest security forces near Hnamkhar village in Gangaw Township, Magway Region, yesterday afternoon.
A group of 100 terrorists organized a meeting in the village although villagers requested not to hold the meeting in the village in various ways. However, terrorists ignored the village’s request and forced the meeting to take place at around 1 pm.
Villagers reported the meeting to the nearest security forces. The venue was raided at around 2:40 pm and terrorists fled in disarray across the Myittha River, east of the village, after a clash.
As the security forces were careful not to injure innocent civilians and their homes, no one was injured in the incident, and 6 bodies wearing sports suits were found, and two pistols, eight guns and ammunition were confiscated from the terrorists.
It is reported that security forces are stepping up security in the area to ensure peace and stability for the local people, and the people are requested to work together for the stability and peace of the region by secretly reporting the movements of terrorist groups, according to MPF.— MNA

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