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Terrorists attack convoy carrying representatives of AHA Centre, Indonesia, Singapore embassies in Shan State

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The location map of incident sites where the convoy of cars with representatives of the AHA Centre, Indonesian and Singaporean embassies in Shan State (South).

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The terrorists attacked the convoy heading to Hsihseng from Taunggyi to deliver supplies to temporarily displaced persons in Yayphyu Village of Hsihseng Township in Shan State (South).
On the morning of 7 May, the representatives of the AHA Centre, Indonesia and Singapore Embassies to Myanmar, to provide humanitarian assistance which is the fourth out of the five-point ASEAN consensus, went to Hsihseng from Taunggyi with the members of the security force. When they arrived about 200 metres north of Nanaw village of Hsihseng, the terrorists shot them using small weapons and the security forces launched a counterattack. The regional security force conduct operations near the vicinity of that place.
No one was injured and some bullets hit one of the cars.
The government is participating in providing humanitarian assistance which is mentioned in the fourth out of the five-point ASEAN consensus and making efforts to assist holding the principle that no one is left behind. Moreover, it also cooperates with dutiful people ensuring security and transport in addition to sending relief items to the residents who face hardships due to the doings of terrorists.
While the government and Tatmadaw are making efforts for sector-wise development of the country and developing international cooperation and bilateral relations with neighbouring countries, the current negative elements of terrorists affect the state stability and development and create difficulties for the temporarily displaced people.
The Security Force will conduct Counter Terrorism Operations to ensure the rule of law, peace and tranquillity under the law and the people should inform officials regarding the movement of terrorists. — MNA/KTZH

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