Terrorists responsible for armed attacks on security forces, acts of terrorism in Yangon arrested with ammunition

As efforts are being made to recover terrorist acts carried out by CRPH, NUG and PDF groups, security forces arrested terrorists who are responsible for the armed attacks on members of security forces at Thanlyin bridge, North Okkalapa bridge, Htantabin bridge and Bergaya traffic point in Kyimyindine township in Yangon Region.

According to a report, security forces arrested Aung Zin Phyo (a) Min Gyi, 19, in Inwa Housing in Dagon Myothit (South) Township on 12 November. Following his confession, Myat Thu (a) Nat Soe, 32, who was the main perpetrator of violent acts, Zin Ko Lin, 25, Mya Thanda Khine, 25, Lei Ye Phyo, 29 and Aung Sithu Khant, 21, were arrested on 14 November.
According to the statement of Myat Thu (a) Nat Soe, security forces arrested Tay Zar Nay Lin, 20, Min Thway Myint, 24, Sithu Hein, 28, Aung Min Khant, 19, Min Maung, 31 and Wai Yan Oo, 26 in Sabei Phyu Condo in Zawana ward in Thingangyun Township on 15 November. On the same day, Soe Thu, 36, was arrested in Dagon Myothit (South), and Zin Thu Lin, 25, Swe Lin Aung, 29 and Aung Phyo Paing, 22, were arrested at Rock Star Restaurant in Thingangyun Township, according to the confession of Soe Thu.

According to the confession made by Soe Thu, 3 M4 guns and its 4 magazines; 2 M16 magazines, 1 Mk12 gun and its 2 magazines; 114 rounds of 5.56 ammunition; 40 rounds of 12-bolt ammunition were confiscated from the Htun Brother Steel Construction compound.
According to the confession of defendant Swe Lin Aung, security forces arrested Zin Min Tun (a) Do Lay, 26 and San Thein, 31, on 15 November in Thingangyun Township with 1 Mk12 gun and its 2 magazines; 2 AK-47 guns and its 4 magazines; 1 M16 gun and its 2 magazines; 15 12-volt bullets; 30 rounds of 5.56 ammunition and 110 rounds of 7.62 ammunition. On the same day, Yan Myo Aung, Yan Naing Tun, Aung Naing Oo (a) Osamar were arrested in Hline Township. Defendant Aung Phyo Paing statement led to the arrest of Ye Yint Aung, 24, and Kyaw Zaw Lin, 20. Defendant Zin Min Tun (a) Do Lay confession led to the arrest of Kyaw Thu Aung, 28, and Ei Kay Khine, 28, with 1 Sig Sauer pistol and its magazine; 24 rounds of 9mm ammunition; 4 homemade bombs and stimulant tablets.
Following the confession of defendant Swe Lin Aung, on 16 November, Aung Myint Thein, 32 and Khine Zin Thaw, 31 were arrested in Mayangon Township; Aung Ko Oo (a) Gaung Gyi, 28, Leader of the Area-5 branch, Myo Min Khaing, 27, were arrested in Thingangyun Township; Htein Lin, 32, Win Aye, 27, Hein Htet Aung, 20, Saw Belzin Htoo, 21, Aung Aung, 24 and Aung Paing Phyo, 26, were arrested with 1 Sig Sauer pistol and its magazine and 23 rounds of ammunition in Thingangyun Township. Wai Yan Oo confession led to the arrest of Moe Sithu (a) Maung Moe at Sabei Phyu Condo in Thingangyun Township.
According to defendant Aung Ko Oo (a) Gaung Gyi’s confession, security forces searched the house of No 20, Bominyaung street, (3) Yanpyay ward, Thingangyun Township, and confiscated 2 M16 guns and its 4 magazines; 99 rounds of 5.56 ammunition; 2 AK-47 guns and its 4 magazines; 115 rounds of 7.62 ammunition and 2 homemade bombs.
During the search to the apartment located at No. 291, A/B, 4th floor, Thamainbayan street, Kyipwayay ward, Thingangyun Township, Thiha Kyaw, 23, Aung Ko Lin, 24 and Aung Kyaw Kyaw, 21, were arrested with 2 M16 guns and its 4 magazines; 2 Mk12 guns and its 4 magazines; 1 Sig Sauer pistol and its 1 magazine; 130 rounds of 5.56 ammunition; 28 rounds of 12-bolt ammunition and 7 rounds of 9mm ammunition. During the arrest, suspect Nga Sit died while jumping from the 5th floor.
Defendant Swe Lin Aung’s statement also led to the arrest of Arnt Kabar, 21, Arman Soe, 32, Khin Sabei Aung, 19 and Thidar Aye Su Aung, 23, who were arrested near Ingyin Myaing housing in Bahan Township on 16 November.

According to the statement of Aung Ko Oo (a) Gaung Gyi, Ye Lin Oo (a) Nabee, 26, and Kay Thwe Phyo, 23, were arrested with 2 Mk12 guns, 1 Carbine, 3 homemade pistols, 25 rounds of 5.56 ammunition, 50 rounds of 12-bolt ammunition, 45 rounds of 9mm ammunition, 4 homemade mines and 4 remote mines on 17 November.
Following the statement of defendant Swe Lin Aung, Aung Phone Kyaw (a) O2, 23, was arrested with 1 M79 grenade launcher and 5 M79 grenades in Thingangyun Township on 17 November. Security forces also confiscated 6 M16 guns and its 25 magazines; 1 MK-12 gun and its 6 magazines; 1 AK47 gun and its 2 magazines; 1 binoculars; 12 40mm grenades; 50 rounds of 12-bolt ammunition; 4 mines; 2 pistol magazines; 35 rounds of 9mm ammunition; 50 rounds of 7.62 ammunition; 1,085 rounds of 5.56 ammunition; 5 smoke bombs; 2 grenades, 7 packages of gunpowder from the United Condo in Bahan.
According to the statements of the defendants, Thanlyin Township NLD member Win Ko (a) San Shar, who has been hiding in the KNLA Brigade (6) has formed the Special Operation Force-SOF terrorist groups in Area-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. The members of the group were trained in small arms lessons, drone bombing and terrorism lessons in the KNLA Brigade 6 area, by KNLA commanding officer Yan Naing under the guidance of fugitive Lwin Ko Latt from the NUG. During the training, Lwin Ko Latt and Yan Naing said to contact and work with Phyo Zeya Thaw (a) Maung Kyaw for the terrorist acts in each township, and that necessary cash assistance and arms would be provided.
Terrorists perpetrate violent attacks in Yangon
The suspect Htet Moe Lwin from Area-3 threw a homemade bomb at No (1) police station in No (5) Ward of Thakayta Township together with another suspect Lin Yaung (still at large) on 5 September.
Zin Min Tun from Area 1 submitted a proposal to Win Kyaw (aka) San Shar to attack the security members at Bomhu Bahtoo bridge in North Okkalapa Township on 4 September, then he communicated with Swe Lin Aung to get the firearms, on 10 September, Zin Min Tun assigned Hein Min Soe and Shine Htet Aung (still at large) as shooters, Sithu as driver, Aung Tun, Sit Naing, Noval Oo, Daung Mann Chi, Aung Lay (still at large), Ei Kay Khine and Myat Thu as informer, Zin Min Tun as storekeepers, and they shot the security members conducting duties on the bridge in North Okkalapa Township together with 11 members.

Aung Paing Phyo from Area -3 discussed attacking the Berkaya security forces together with Lin Yaung, Thawka (still at large) and Saw Bal Zin Htoo on 21 October, and on 21 and 22 October, Htet Moe Lwin, Hein Htet Aung and Si Thu Hein watched the situation and reported to them to attack the security forces, on 23 October, Saw Bal Zin Htoo served as the driver while Thawka and Lin Yaung as shooters, Aung Paing Phyo as video shooter and they changed the Honda Insight car driven by Swe Lin Aung at Pan Hlaing road and they left Honda Airwave there.
Zin Thu Lin from Area-2 threw a homemade bomb into a police outpost near the religious hall of No (12) Ward in South Okkalapa Township together with Lin Yaung (still at large) on 24 October.
Zin Ko Lin from Area-2 also exploded a remote-controlled bomb near No (25) Ward Administration office in Dagon Myothit (South) under the instruction of Myat Thu (aka) Nat Soe, together with Aung Sithu Khant (aka) Thiha on 6 November.
Aung Ko Oo from Area-5 was instructed by SOF leader Win Ko (aka) San Shar to attack the security forces at Thanlyin Bridge on the side of Thakayta on 11 November. On 15 November, Peter, Aung Ko Oo, Joke and Bravo served as shooters riding the Probox driven by Phat Tee, while Nga Sitt, Mario, Sabai and Arr Mhan Soe served as informers and they attacked the security members and they kept the firearms at Safe House in Yangon Thit Ward of Thingangyun township.
on 15 November, Area-7 attacked the security forces of the Htantabin township inspection checkpoint due to the directives of Win Ko (aka) San Shar riding CRV unlicenced car. It was driven by Khun Tha (still at large) while Kyar Pauk and Kyat Pauk (still at large) shot and Yan Naing Tun and Aung Naing Oo served as watchers. They took the record of the attack by putting the phone on the phone holder on the car dashboard. They left the car in the drain and kept the firearms at Kyat Pauk.

The police arrested 47 suspects — 40 males and 7 females, 34 small firearms, 70 magazines, 2,105 bullets, 17 40mm grenades, 10 homemade bombs, 4 remote-controlled mines, 4 mines, 5 smoke bombs, two grenades, 7 packs of gunpowder, 1 binoculars and drugs. According to the health tests, the suspects were found using drugs to conduct the act of terrorism.
Lwin Ko Latt from terrorist group NUG communicated with Win Ko (aka) San Shar who was in KNLA Brigade 6 area to provide financial assistance, ammunition and explosives.
It was learned that Lwin Ko Latt instructed the in-charges of each area to carry out acts of terror in the public areas through zoom meetings. SOF Terrorist Group was reportedly planning to shoot the security forces at Gandama Wholesale and the traffic control room at Kyaukgon traffic light in Yankin Township in November and to accelerate the shootings and terrorist acts starting from 15 November.

According to the further interrogations, they planned to kill teachers, security members and administrators in order to deteriorate the peaceful learning of teachers with grudge against the peace and stability of the State and regular situations with peaceful visits of people to the religious edifices, doing meritorious deeds, pay happy visits of families. As of 15 November before the Tazaungdaing festival, Zaw Wai Soe, Yi Mon and Lwin Ko Latt from NUG instructed their subordinate terrorist groups to speed up committing of sabotages and terror acts across the nation.
Terrorists were arrested with the collaboration of the people and because of the responsible citizens who reported to the authority. As it has been announced by the Central Committee on Counter-Terrorism that if the tenants are found to have committed violence, they will be prosecuted under existing laws, and the property will be confiscated as State funds, the landlords of the apartment/house where the arrested terrorists stayed will be taken action under the law. It is also reported that the arrested suspects will be taken action under the law, and the people are requested to work together for the peace and safety of the towns and villages by secretly providing information of the related suspects to the relevant authorities. — MNA

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