Terrorists trying to destroy Maungtaw

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Fire fighters putting off fire at a house in Maungtaw which was hit by extremist terrorists attacks.  Photo: State Counsellor Office Information Committee

Extremist terrorists blew out improvised bombs, set fire the villages and attacked the police outposts in Region-2 of Maungtaw yesterday from the morning to afternoon.
About 100 extremist terrorists attacked Ngayantchaung police outpost with four hand-made bombs. In the incident, one of the hand-made bombs exploded and the security forces repulsed the extremist terrorists who retreated from the scene to the nearby mountain range in the east. About 500 extremist terrorists staged second attack on Ngayantchaung police outpost where they were met with a police repulse. Similarly, extremist terrorists surrounded Minkhamoung police outpost in Region-2 where they were fought back by security personnel. Security personnel rescued a wounded woman while on patrol between Saylay and Yankha Cedi Villages.
Extremist terrorists set fire Yeaung Chaungwa police outpost in Region-3 in Maungtaw Township before proceeding to Thayargon Village. As about 500 extremist terrorists wielding sticks and swords surrounded Thayargon Village, the security forces attempted to disperse them by opening fires. The crowd destroyed Nantthataung Village and a monastery.

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Extremist terrorists gathering to commit atrocities against innocent ethnic people.  Photo: State Counsellor Office Information Committee

Security forces were ambushed by about 200 extremist terrorists holding small firearms, sticks, swords and spears near Taungpyo-Letwe Village while making their way to Nantthataung Village. The security forces resisted the extremist terrorists who retreated to nearby villages. The security forces seized 60 rounds of ammunition and 62 spears from the perpetrators.
The security forces exchanged fires with extremist terrorists in Nwayontaung Village in Region-6 this morning. The extremist terrorists torched the village and blew out an IED before fleeing.
Moreover, extremist terrorists blew out two IEDs about 700 yards of east of Zinpaingnyar police outpost and an IED in the village. Similarly, two improvised explosive devices went off in Kyaukhlaygar Village. They also destroyed Pyathat Village.
When four extremist terrorists wielding firearms attempted to attack the security personnel as the latter are removing sand bags placed on motor road near Maungni Village this evening, they met with warning shots from the latter. The terrorists retreated to Maungni bazaar.
An unidentified number of extremist terrorists attacked Chopyin outpost in Region-11 with homemade bombs where they were repulsed by security personnel. No causalities reported in the incident. Likewise, about 200 extremist terrorists attacked Kyaungtaung police outpost in Region-10 in Maungtaw Township in the evening. In yesterday’s incidents, one security personnel went missing and one small gun and ammunition taken.
At 3:30 pm, extremist terrorists burned down three houses belonged to Hindis in Ywathitkay ward in Maungtaw. At 5 pm, they set fire to about 100 homes in Bengali Ward. Two handmade bombs blasted inside two houses while firefighters and security personnel were putting out the fire with the use of four fire engines.
At 5:15 pm, extremist terrorists fired two shots at the security forces who were putting out the fire and fled the scene.
Maungtaw, a district-level town is home to both Bengalis and ethnic minority. The extremist terrorists themselves torched their houses with the intention of flaming the violence to totally destroy the town.
(State Counsellor Office Information Committee)
Translated by GNLM

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