Text-to-speech software helps visually impaired computer users

Text-to-speech software introduced to visually impaired computer users.
Text-to-speech software introduced to visually impaired computer users.

The Myanmar National Association of the Blind has developed its own text-to-speech software to help visually impaired people with computer-based learning, the association said Saturday.
The software, named Myanmar Text to Speech (MTTS), reads text in Myanmar language when selected via a mouse.
There is a slogan among blind Internet users that “there are no blind people on internet,” but this no longer the case, MNAB President U Aung Ko Myint said.
In 2013, Solve Circle Development Team started creating MTTS with funding from the Nippon Foundation. The program has now passed testing with Microsoft word, Note Pad, and web page in its first stage.
A blind person said English text-to-speech programs were previously the only option, “but now we can read text in Myanmar language.”
Existing software to support visually impaired computer users supported a number of languages, but Myanmar was not among them.
The MNAB was founded in 1996 with the aim of giving blind people the same education and lifestyle opportunities as those with sight.

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