Thai mango enters NyaungU market in bulk

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Mango juliennes are being produced to make them as pickled mango products.

Mangoes from Thailand have been arriving at the Manisithu market in NyaungU, Mandalay Region, said Daw Win Mar, a pickled mango dealer.
“Thailand mangoes are entering the market the whole year. Now, they are abundantly entering the market. The Thailand mango price has slightly dropped after Myanmar mango tree has blossomed. One bag of mango containing six visses costs K6,000. However, one mango bag fetched K8,000 in summer. The mango is julienned, and it is sold at K2,000 per viss. The mango juliennes need to be mixed only with salt,” Daw Kay Thi explained.
Local mangoes of Myanmar are in great business only at the beginning of the season and it is valued at only K2,000-K2,500 per basket. Dealers store mangoes in glazed earthen pots, wooden boxes with plastic packing and large bamboo baskets. When fresh mangoes were scarce, pickled mangoes are started to enter the market. They were priced at K1,200 per viss at the start and now (old) pickled mangoes fetched the price of K1,400 per viss.
Imported mangoes from Thailand are not as good as local mangoes, but since they can survive the whole year, they have an advantage in the market, explained the pickled mango makers.—Ko Kyemon/CT

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