The 2,605th Anniversary of Shwedagon Pagoda ‘s Buddha Pujaniya Festival

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Venerable Sayadaws light candles to the Pagoda and open the Tabaung Festival.

The 2,065th anniversary of Shwedagon Pagoda’s Buddha Puzaniya Festival was held yesterday at Shwedagon Pagoda, at which pagoda trustees and religious teams worshipped by conveying 28 Buddha images.
The opening ceremony was hosted in Chanthargyi Hall. The Chairman of the Central Committee, U Maung Maung Soe, delivered an auspicious speech.
At the ceremony, the venerable Sayadaws from prominent monasteries for Buddha’s teaching schools preached and made the attendants keep Sabbath for nine precepts before the venerable Sayadaws and laymen light candles to the Pagoda and opened the Tabaung festival. Members of the Pagoda board of trustees donated offertories to all Sayadaws.
Sayadaws and laymen at all four entrances of the Shwedagon Pagoda started worshiping Buddha by reciting the Buddha’s doctrines. Later, the monks convened in the central auspicious hall and offered non-stop reciting of the Buddha doctrine to Buddha. The 216-hours-long non-stop reciting worship will last for 10 days, from March 3 to March 12 ( the full moon day of Tabaung month ) by 120 monks from teaching school the monasteries.

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