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There is little reason to believe that our country will not be able to secure a great future without the army’s involvement in the political process. At a time when the world is experiencing change at a rapid rate, it will be fatally wrong if the army think the public institutions are not strong enough to stand on their own. The primary responsibility of the military is to safeguard the interests, properties, lives of the people.
Now that almost all information is just a few clicks away, even the ordinary people are now in a position to keep a close watch on the latest developments of the country and the world. In other words, the people are no longer green to politics. Instead, they have come to accept politics as a national concern.
In recent days, the parliament took a normative approach to the creation of the State Counsellor post, over the serious objections of the military representatives. They stood in objection to the bill that allowed Daw Aung San Suu Kyi to contact ministries, departments, organisations and associations in an official capacity. In addition, they considered the newly-created position as a violation of the separation of powers embedded in the constitution.
Understandably, it is hard to reconcile the needs of the country with constitutional reality. This will not matter so much as long as the decisions made by parliament benefit the people. Since the business of the government is to bring about stability and prosperity across the country, they have no alternative but to be accountable to the people who sent them to office. It should be noted that any attempt to go against any decision made in the name of the people is none but a problematic exercise. In democracy, power is derived from the people after all. The key is that it takes wisdom and experience to successfully practise democracy.

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