The devil is in the details

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Politicians tend to make general promises, avoiding specific ones. For example, most politicians promise change, but they try to avoid saying specifically what that change will look like. They try to avoid saying that the minimum wage for workers will be increased to a certain amount of money or certain types of taxes will be increased to a certain percentage.
When they are asked by the people to say what they would do exactly, they tend to say that it is impractical to reveal specifics to the people as they need to consider all realities of a situation. However, when politicians have to bargain with their political opponents, they need to make specific promises because they want specific promises from their opponents. They even ask legal experts to define every word in all the terms and conditions of agreements they have reached so that no one is fooled during the process of negotiation.
However, the real friends of all politicians, in power or in opposition, are the people. Therefore, politicians should avoid making general promises to them. Avoiding details shows that politicians do not have sound policies that can effect real change.
The true friends of politicians — the people — should be given special treatment. Specific promises should be given to the people by politicians, rather than keeping specifics only among themselves.
The people should no longer be fooled.

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