The endless havoc or chaos or pandemonium or mayhem caused by hostility, egocentrism, barbarity, injustice and inequality in human societies


[dropcap font=”0″]M[/dropcap]an is normally superior to any other creatures on this planet earth. The destiny of the earth and mankind mainly depend on man’s conduct and behavior. Man should cherish his mother earth and sustain humanity. The sympathy, love, and compassion or benevolence should prevail in human society. These humane characteristics create the peaceful environment and situations among human beings. The essence of the religious teachings concentrates on loving-kindness indeed. The vast majority of people around the world profess the respective religious faith and they affirm or commit or vow themselves to avoid committing any sinful deeds. The rest are free-thinkers or atheists in human society. We humans wish to enjoy peace and happiness in human society.
Nevertheless, some people do not comply nor practice the religious doctrine and ethical principles. Besides, they violate human rights brutally and cruelly. As a result, injustice and inequality arise in some regions in the world and these situations cause chaos or pandemonium or mayhem and man-made disasters. Apparently, the aforesaid acts or behaviors are derived or originated from the hostility, egocentrism and barbarity. Brazenly, they commit crimes against humanity with intention to gain ridiculous or exrtreme goals that the civilized people do not accept or agree. The greatest issue in the world is man-made disasters. The natural disasters cause calamities and which are inevitable for humans in the world. However, as for man-made disasters, humans can protect or eliminate or solve the problems and issues of man-made disasters unanimously.
If the people or a person or the society is hostile, the people or a person or the society will have enemies. As we all know, social dealing is compulsory among human beings in any society in the world and international relations are of great importance for international communities to build trust and cooperation. Hostility is a threat to peace. e.g. if a certain leader of country is hostile, it is a threat to a country which does not have good relations with that country. Hostility causes chaos not only in the hostile country but also the in the opposing country. Normally, the hostile leader or country possesses the military power or super power. The aggressive leader of such country tries to dominate the opposing country militarily or politically. Due to the leader’s aggression, the countries with peace loving people do not associate with the said country. At the same time, animosity, hatred and abhorrence create violence acts.
The hostile country usually invades militarily weak countries or defenseless countries. The war broke out and the people from the militarily weak country encounter the misery of war. The innocent people lose their homes, lives and their properties. The people from both sides are in chaos terribly. Even then the worsening chaotic situations deteriorate the economy of both countries. On the other hand, when the hostile country is attacked or defeated by superpower countries and their allied countries, its people are in mayhem and the infrastructure is severely damaged or destroyed. The practice or behavior of hostility leads towards total destruction in any society or country. Conspicuously,the globalization makes a certain benefit or better achievement to all global communities. The wise leaders of the respective countries deal with each other wittingly and harmoniously nowadays in the world. The hostility is a fuel which acts to sustain or inflame passion, argument, or other intense emotion. It even incites wars or disasters. The hostile leaders of the countries are responsible for this man-made disaster indeed. They have to pay for their sins or to be punished by peace-loving countries. Therefore, people around the world denounce the acts of hostility and help those who are victims of hostility with humanitarian aids. Hostility turns to hegemony or violence or terrorism viciously. As a result, mayhem or pandemonium or chaos occur utterly. Unfortunately, the innocent and ordinary people become the victims of such man-made disaster. They need protection, humanitarian aids and rehabilitation. They are the preys of the conflicts caused by two hostile countries or hostile leaders. They are the ones who create problems, conflicts and wars deliberately and recklessly. For example, long and endless conflict between Palestine and Israel. This issue is derived from hostilities of both sides. They could not control their aggression and wrath. Both people frequently encounter chaos, fatality and insecurity. They cannot enjoy peace of mind. They are on hostile alert all the time. The frequent attack or missile-strikes or air strike from Israel territory into Palestine territory threatens the Palestinians. As retaliatory actions, the Palestinians kidnap Israelis or Israeli soldiers or fired the missiles into Israel territory. Obviously the violent retaliation is based on hostility.
Actually, the act of hostility does not find means and ways to solve the problem. Thus, it is not possible to make any peace process. No one wishes to visit any war-torn country or hostile country as the country cannot provide a guarantee for the security of the visitors as well as its own citizens there. In the hostile conflict zones, the massacre, bomb blasts, suicide-car bomb-blast and acts of terrorists occur frequently in the capital cities, big and crowded cities. E.g. In Iraq, Syria, Nigeria and Somalia. Thousands of people have been killed vainly in those areas. The fighters among them are so callous that a huge number of innocent people are being killed. Nigeria’s Bokoharam and Syria-and-Iraq-based IS, the world’s best known and brutal terror or violent extremist groups, commit genocide and homicide brutally and inhumanely. International communities are deeply concerned about these issues and pledge to cooperate in eliminating these terror groups with military might. Therefore, hostility threatens global peace and causes mayhem in the societies concerned.
When there are many egocentric persons in a society, organizing for the unity or solidarity is totally impossible. Consequently, prosrperity and progress cannot be generated due to lack of solidarity and unity in that society. The more egocentric persons, the less economic progress results in the society. The egocentric persons never prioritize the common interests of the society concerned. Instead of concentrating on the common interests, the egocentric persons think and do for their own benefits and own interest first. That practice causes tension and conflict within their society. Egocentrism is a disgusting practice or inhumane act which is socially unacceptable. Since man is a social animal, he or she should not seek personal gain and benefit only for him or her. He or she ought to be compulsorily involved with social welfare by any means. He or she must work with other humans for the welfare and prosperity of humanity. Unless the social welfare is progressed,the society will certainly encounter mayhem. Due to the acts and behavior of the egocentric persons, the ordinary or simple people show their displeasure, and later the conflict arises between egocentric persons and the vast majority of people in the society. Maybe those egocentric persons are public officials or administrators who are responsible for serving the public affairs. Egocentrism undermines the socio-economic development for a certain society and eventually the people from that society falls into mayhem. Egocentric persons never consider the common interest and other peoples’ need and want in their society. Besides, they usually try to escape from chaos caused by them. Even if the society is in trouble, they selfishly ignore and refuse to take responsibilities. So, the people from society concerned displease the actions done by egocentric persons who are of top public officials. Then tension and devastating conflict happen in that society. Egocentric persons should not be appointed or selected or elected for public administration so that we can protect any conflict leading to mayhem in our society.
Barbarity causes havoc in human societies. The savagely cruel act is wide spread in some region in the world. The extreme ideologies and radicalization make them become barbarians. Some people from the different societies in the world are brainwashed by extreme religious groups systematically. The civilized people were greatly shocked to learn the beheading of humans and burning- a- man-alive to death (A Jordanian jet fighter pilot) by violent extremists known as IS militants and Bokoharam terror groups based in Iraq-Syria border and in Nigeria. They threaten the global peace and challenge the civilized people across the world indeed. The barbaric acts are abominable and callous on earth. They kill the innocent people or different nationalities recklessly and savagely. The havoc or mayhem is immense in those areas. The people around are insecure, unhappy and scared to struggle their daily lives as the devilish acts committed by extremists known as neo-barbarians. The horrendous and frightening situations are detrimental to global trade,transportation and tourism as well. This is a global issue and we must eliminate those who commit acts of barbarity and those who support the barbarians with finance and weapons. In addition, international communities must combat or crush the organizations hand to hand so that the pleasant and peaceful human societies may exist firmly in the world.
If a society has no justice and equality, there will be chaos or mayhem in it. Justice is handled by man and man is protected by justice from any unfair behavior, harm or trouble or ill-treatment or chaos or mayhem in human societies. Justice justifies the conflicts or crimes or human affairs who is right or who is wrong and punishes anyone who violate laws or who is above the laws. The bench and bar must be credilble so that the general public or innocent people can defend the harm and injure made by perpetrators or culprits. The scoundrels, thugs, perpetrators and culprits must be brought to justice. Otherwise, there can have no equality in that society. Everyone has equal rights before the justice. If the judicial system is corrupt and biased or partial,the vast majority of people will condemn it .Thus, a bitter conflict between the administrators and the ordinary people arises violently. People disgust the partiality of a certain judicial system and do not trust it. In this case, the government concerned is responsible for serious-taking-action against those who commit malpractice in judicial system. Naturally the ordinary people in that society demand the unbiased jurisdiction. Besides, those corrupt judges and jury must be removed from judiciary or bench. Not only lack of rectitude or integrity in the judicial system, but also the inequality among the citizens trigger public rage in some countries. Thus, unfortunately the situation turns to chaos or mayhem or pandemonium within the particular countries. When fairness and justice prevail in a society, there will be no tension, no conflict and no unrest. The general public can enjoy happiness and security in their society peacefully. Eventually that society will certainly prosper and develop its economy. To analyze or infer aforesaid situations and circumstances, we can say these are totally man-made disasters in human societies in the world.
We should understand and know who creates causes and who suffers the bad effects. We do not want to encounter the utter devastation caused by man-made disasters. May justice, humanity and compassion prevail in the human societies forever!!!!!

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