The Essence of Independence

The first independence day: Thakin Nu sworn in as the first Prime Minister along with his cabinet ministers by the first President Sao Shwe Thaik.
The first independence day: Thakin Nu sworn in as the first Prime Minister along with his cabinet ministers by the first President Sao Shwe Thaik.

In fact, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar is an independent and sovereign nation, upholding and cherishing with justice, independence and equality.
Each and every citizen of the Union enjoys justice in social relationship, justice in doing business, justice in political affairs, , independence in expression, independence in belief, independence in faith, independence in consumption, independence in organizing, and independence in activity. These are the essence of independence.
Born many years later in post independent period of Myanmar, we fully understand the essence of independence. When someone softly or loudly utters the word “Independence…..Independence”, we always noted with seriousness on the independence, equality and justice that rush into our mind.
However, we must exactly understand in the context of reference term and literary usage as well as in realistic ways on the meaning of independence in struggle, independence in value, independence in flavor, independence in definition, independence in aspiration and independence in duty. It is really a necessity that we should study the thorough meaning of independence as much as possible.
Whatever the theme or subject may be; only the practical approach could bring the accurate and right understanding of that topic. However, most of those elders and the war veterans who understand and knew about the independence in person have passed away over time.
On our part, we are the mere inheritors of the knowledge about the independence from others or from the documents. We actually need to know what exactly the essence of independence is about.
In fact, we are enjoying the fruits of independence whether we understand or otherwise. We must appreciate and thankful to those elders, patriots and war veterans who had struggled for regaining independence, but unfortunately missed the opportunity enjoying it.
At the moment, we are residing in the independent and sovereign nation as a free citizen. Such joy and happiness of independence is not created by Holy God nor does it come to existence from elsewhere.
It is the pragmatic outcome from the collective endeavor and strong struggle of national leader Bogyoke Aung San, other national leaders, unknown patriots, and nation loving people.
Obligation and duty has landed on our shoulders to cherish and value the independence that had been fought and achieved through flesh, blood and bone by many people sacrificing lives and time.
In this world, following the Second World War, many countries stood up as independent nations one after another from the colonial status of subjugation.
Nation building endeavor were exerted by the people through unity from the rubble and burning ash being hit hard from the effect of war with the spirit of independence, aspiration of independence. We are able to step on the right track of democratic road as we have aspired for the greater good of the people.
During the era of technological and industrial development, we are on a par with other countries in the international arena as we worked in unity. Democratic transition is at the cross road in our path, and therefore, we are at the door way of democratic destination. Gradually, other remaining countries are also coming nearer to their aspired goals.
Unfortunately, following the independence of the nation, all our strengths in the country divided and ripped apart. The road to democracy and the aspiration in building the nation were lost due to ideological diversity and formation of different grouping.
For many decades, the people were under the rule of dictatorship, and that the dictator never termed themselves as tyrant. On the face value, they may be pretending as the good leaders working for the interest of the people, but in reality, they got hold of the supreme power with greed. The loyal people who loved and cherished democracy were watching the dictatorship, and revolt against the tyrannical system.
The people along with the leaders who loved democracy have had to wait for (30) long years, and fought for social equality. During the era of absolute monarchy, nationalism and patriotism grew fast enough as they wanted independence. However, due to lack of knowledge and unsophisticated status, the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity was lost.
Despite regaining independence, the citizens succumbed under dictatorial system due to disunity, dwelling in extreme poverty in the pit of gap between the rich and the poor.
Born together with the regaining of independence, the civil war and armed conflicts remained unending in the nation until today.
The questions arise such as that of the ways and means in paying back the gratitude to the national leaders and the people who fought the independence; that of the methods and process in cherishing the value of independence.
Now is the time to start taking steps towards democratic goals that are appropriate for the people of the country.
Being enveloped by the opposing elements of the democratic norms, such as that of the disunity, the antagonism, and the roots of tyranny, we had encountered colonialists for (100) years and added the bitterness with (70) years of tyranny.
It is not to be surprised when our nation was totally left behind in the international arena, and that we are in limbo on the road to democracy, facing challenges in the democratic transition.
Fight is going on against the enemy of the democratic forces, while the anti-democratic hurdles such as thorns and spikes are being cleared away. Control mechanism and guiding principles are being designed not to make the democracy road dwindled, as we are walking on an elevated tight rope. Now, we are enjoying the comfort of independence due to the sacrifice of our predecessors with flesh, blood and bone.
Their aspiration is for the peaceful, developed and democratic nation, and therefore, we have the obligation for the implementation of such destination and goal. With that we must pay back the gratitude of our predecessors.
Just taking satisfaction over the regaining of independence is not enough, and that we need more results that fit the status of the independent country such as that of genuine democratic system.
Those who fought for regaining independence had missed the comfort of independence, but we are enjoying such benefits of independence.
Striving ahead, we need to implement equal development of the people, socio-economic improvement of the people as these are the goals of democratic aspiration.
Regaining independence (71) years ago, we are yet to arrive at the democratic destination, and that the independent citizens are duty bound to choose the right path with parallel strides. Only then, the aim of independence and the value of independence might agree and correspond with one other.
Wayward steps towards independence goals might jeopardize our destination and distorted its magnificence. We were torn apart with the dignified independence for a term of life long period, which could be termed as a great loss.
It is therefore, the independent citizens of the Union of Myanmar must endeavor to the best of their ability in acquiring deserving benefits in line with proper independence in full swing and live a life by ways of decent and respectable manners.
The author of this article would like to take the opportunity in urging to all people to walk straight ahead on the democracy road, and that things are to be carried out in all fairness. With a view to enhancing peace, prosperity and unity of the whole nation, the people are urged to endeavor through honesty, integrity and truthfulness for the greater good of the nation.
Only then, we would be termed as dutiful and devoted to the aspiration of our forerunners who sacrifice flesh, blood and bone in the struggle for regaining independence, and at the same time, we would be on the right track towards comprehensive democratic aim and objective.  Translated by UMT (Ahlon)

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