The Field Watcher’s Hut

CE edited The Field Watchers Hut 2The rainy season…
The cycle of the seasons becomes complete with the intruding wind called monsoon. It is an early chance that makes us free from the torture of summer. The shower of rain continually pours everywhere in our motherland, Myanmar. It is a time of beauty without rival in which tender leaflets and various kinds of green buds and emergences appear in sight simultaneously. One might have experienced the feeling of the sudden chill in their chest inhaling the hurried wind which carries the trace of rain.

At that time…
Some patches of water can be seen hither and thither in the wide and distant fields. Those who become alert and busy in a painting backgrounded with horizon are the farmers, the heroes of Myanmar’s barns. In spite of occasional rolls of thunder at the beginning of raining season, they have no time to take care of themselves and their gestures in their workplaces preparing to etch the land are fully dynamic.
The small hut, a four-legged one standing in the middle of water, is the lonely shelter in those fields and rain with strong wind. Although it stands alone in such surroundings, it will never be down-hearted. It gathers strength zealously to join together its owner’s duty. It will never fall down even when any rain or wind jostles and beats up. It is the beauty that will carry out its responsibility well.
The gifts of nature which modify its life and beauty are the lotuses blooming everywhere. Some are red and some white. Under the horizon, they get along with the small hut. Although it naturally beautifies the nature without decoration, the wide fields, the small hut, the wind and the rain together represent a poem free from ostentation.

The small hut…
In such weather, it never looks up the sky, never hangs down its head, never sways from side to side when the wind blows and is going to carry out its responsibilities resolutely. Contentedly accepting its beauty, its nature and its surroundings presented by its life, it continues its route boldly. It will not regard that the harsh wind will blow violently or the flood will jostle it. It is just an amazing small hut.

In a similar way…
Man comes into the world alone. Man leaves from the world alone. Between his or her birth and death, his or her life is like a small hut which is being tortured among the rough weather. Countless numbers of ups and downs in his or her life are jostling them in every moment. In fact, he or she is also alone while alive although he or she has got family, friends or relatives and their help or support. While facing success, much cheer appears. However, while facing failure, those who made cheer disappear one by one. Throughout the life, he or she is trying hard for the earning in order to live in a stable manner. Like the small hut in the fields, a human man’s life is among all-round difficulties such as harsh wind, heavy rain and loneliness for the field watcher’s hut. Trying to withstand such difficulties, the life of man gets stronger and stronger till he or she becomes a well- matured and well-experienced one. Therefore, everyone should take notice the strength and steadfastness of the field watcher’s hut and try to withstand the way of the mundane world.

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