The Greatest Strength of the Union through Law and Order

Meaning of ‘human resource’

The world is embellished with beauty by humankind. The various age groups have added beauty to the earth’s scenery. Little children’s voices sound beautifully like a melodious, tinkling small bell while the elderly people gladly take the responsibility of taking good care of their offspings at home. Meanwhile, the youths today are engaged in performing the national tasks, ranging from the family affairs to the local needs according to the dictates of time and circumstances. Today, the COVID-19 pandemic is imposing threats all over the world, demolishing precious human resources in no time. Inevitably, COVID-19 has been a threat to people with no discrimination of age, race or religion unless they take measures for preventing the spread of this virus.

Precious human resource, the strength of the State
I am of opinion that it is responsible for all citizens of over 50 million in our nation in order to strive towards the development and prosperity of our mother country. It is only the healthy citizens who will be able to build a modern, developed nation successfully. Before we have embarked upon the task of enhancing the reputation of our country, it is required to improve on our community centres by ourselves at first. In order to succeed in this aspect, we need not only to enjoy the best of physical health and fitness but also to be endowed with high intelligence. Safeguarding our human resources, the strength of our nation, is of crucial importance.

Ways and means to prevent
We must protect ourselves so as not to get infected by any diseases such as communicable and non-communicable ones. There are a considerable number of sources that inform us about how to prevent these diseases from spreading so as to achieve well-being in our lives. If we strictly follow the instructions of medical officers and advisors in the disciplines of non-communicable diseases, then we will be able to carry on with our business transactions, enjoying longevity. During the outbreak of an epidemic, all mankind can escape from the disaster associated with diseases only if we abide by a set of rules and regulations issued by not only the State but also the health authorities. I would like to share an unpleasant experience in which cattle and property of the farmers in the rural areas were lost since they failed to obey the rules and guidelines laid down by the government and medical professionals. Since infections bovine diseases spread to the cattle in the village tract I was appointed to the post of veterinarian four decades ago. The department I was then serving sent me to the area under threat to take the responsibility for reducing the impact of diseases. However, some local villagers with limited health knowledge refused to administer the vaccine to their farm animals, so only one third of bovid mammals were vaccinated against contagious diseases, regrettably. With the excuse that such a disease would never break out in all animals if they were not in this epidemic area, they spurned the vaccine injection despite the health talks. As a result, they lost all of their cattle, except the stocks administered to the vaccine.
I have learned from this incident that the rules and regulations promulgated by the authorities are not very strict, but lenient to some extent, but the animals’ life could be safe only when the owners had complete trust in medical profession’s undertaking during a fresh outbreak of epidemic.

Not a strict law
Our globe today is undergoing the threat of COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the most densely-populated countries together with the countries with high population in the world have slightly managed to curb the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, so the number of positive coronavirus cases has been increasing rapidly and the COVID-19 pandemic has also brought disastrous consequences amidst societies in these countries. Every nation has both the rich and the poor and the needy, as well. Daily wagers have to earn their living by working hard in their daily life. In the present, some foreign donor nations are providing aids to those suffering the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic. In Myanmar, the government in cooperation with local philanthropic organizations and international organizations has given a lot of aids to every township and village in the third round. It is incumbent upon all citizens living in our country to protect themselves against this disease threatening the lives of ones in our surroundings. For safeguarding the State and its national people, it is necessary for all national brethren to take responsibility of staying at home, avoiding the crowd, keeping social distancing while dwelling at home, putting on facemask and washing up the hands with soap. I think that haphazard unplanned living standard is likely to bring about the hazardous conditions on violators of mandatory COVID-19 orders. Going about out in the street with no masks or protective measures would be inviting danger to one and all. Staying indoors only for two weeks means enjoying leisure and relaxing, a pleasant break from our daily routines. During this break, we can seek for internal peace doing meditation or religious practices. Or we can enrich our store of knowledge by reading good books.
When we consider the need of observing the specific guideline to address COVID-19, it is actually supportive to our communities and cities. As family members have prevented the spread of the pandemic by practising healthcare guideline of working from home and keeping two meters (six feet) apart even at home, they possess a happy, healthy life.

Keeping up with time and the economic development
The COVID-19 pandemic originated in the city of Wuhan, the capital of Hubei, China in December 2019. The transmission route of COVID-19 coronavirus is through person-to-person contact during close contact with the infected person and is also a severe respiratory illness. The COVID-19 coronavirus can spread directly from person-to-person without practising healthcare guidelines
The Coronavirus pandemic has been spreading rapidly around the world from early 2020 until today. Currently, all medical practitioners such as doctors and nurses are incessantly providing quality healthcare services to all families and people in our nation without being worried about their lives.
In addition to those medical practitioners, the Myanmar Red Cross Society and philanthropic organizations are contributing to national health services with might and main in accordance with the saying, “Many hands make light work”. No one can say precisely when the COVID-19 coronavirus would be eradicated from the world. It is the people who are the key and who can put an end to the spread of the virus. If we fully abide by COVID-19 healthcare guidelines of wearing facemask, staying at home, accommodating social distancing, cleaning one’s hand with soap and water frequently and avoiding the crowd, then we hope the entire national people will certainly escape from the devastating infectious diseases.
The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has spread for seven months in our country. Only when we follow the mandatory COVID-19 orders will the commercial enterprises which have drastically dropped be resilent in time. All the citizens must be patient and amenable to rules and regulations concerning the private and public sectors. That’s why, we would like to acknowledge our heartfelt gratitude to our medical practitioners, philanthropists and members of the Red Cross Society who prevent the spread of this deadly pandemic and administer medication to patients with COVID-19 virus in the front line of combating the pandemic so as to prevent premature deaths and lead healthy lives of our citizens.

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