The Lisu National Development Party (Dulay Party) paper being read on the occasion of 2018 International Day of Democracy

 U Arr Moe Si
U Arr Moe Si

Mingalar Par!
First of all, allow me to extend my heartiest greetings to Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Speaker, Amyotha Hluttaw Speaker and Deputy Speaker, Union-level dignitaries, Hluttaw Representatives, persons from IPU, members of civil societies on this International Day of Democracy.
I am U Arr Moe Si, Pyithu Hluttaw Representative for Khau Lang Phu Township elected from Lisu National Development Party (Du Lay Party). On the occasion of International Day of Democracy that falls on 15 September 2018, I would like to urge to all brethrens in the country to come together in joining this year’s maxim “oversight” in conjunction with the motto of “Let us work together for the flourishing of democracy”.
Dear people who love democracy,
In today’s world, most of the nations are using democratic system as their administrative instrument. Democratic system means the people’s participation and cooperation for the national interest with common aim and objective of people’s desire centering on people’s oriented concept.
When we talked about democracy, the responsibility comes along with opportunity, and therefore, each and every citizen has to take the responsibility. By serving dutifully by each individual, we would be able to build a stable and flourishing democracy.
In a democratic culture with growing democratic pathway, we could vividly monitor the course of actions of the responsible government officials seriously listening the demands of the public, the sincere welcome and acceptance of the requirements, the consideration with much attention, the desire and aspiration are being discussed in the parliaments, and the assessment and evaluation whether they are in line with the basic laws.
In a democratic system, we can see many important basic principles. These principles are the equality, the people’s participation, patience, transparency, responsibility, accountability, free and fair elections, and the acceptance of election results, the practice of multi-party democracy system, the rule of law, the protection and control over abuse and misuse of power.
It could be seen that the rule of law is the basis of sustainability and the foundation of democracy. In the absence of the rule of law, the democracy could never flourish.
In all the democratic nations, the fundamental rights of the people or the citizen rights are incorporated solidly in the Constitution. Protection and security are being provided in accordance with the law not to harm or hurt to a person’s life or individual liberty.
Dear people who love democracy,
In a democratic system, it could be assumed that each and everybody has the equal rights and opportunity, however, the persons may differ in terms of feature, age, and color. Whatever it may be, the intelligence and cleverness of a race finer than another race should never be given special privilege. This is also to apply of a class over another class in the context of privilege.
In a democratic system, the entire people have the opportunity to take part in the tasks for the interest of the majority, resulting with continued development of the country. In other words, the further development of the people makes them to prefer the democratic system.
In a democratic system, the prescribed rights for the minority in a country could never be revoked by anyone. These rights could never be cancelled or removed by the government, the majority or the lawmakers.
Dear people who love democracy,
The development of the nation, the rule of law, and the stability and peace are the requirements in building the smooth transition to the democratic nation. In doing so, the internal and external destructive elements against peace must be deterred and blocked.
In a democratic transition, it is necessary in making the democratic rights strong and solid, and therefore, the actions and words that are detrimental to democracy must be avoided. In this regards, the government and the entire people, by abiding existing laws and by-laws, must be free from personal attachment and siding with party faction, and it is important to work for the interests of the state and the citizens.
Dear people who love democracy,
Myanmar is a country where diverse national races live and coexist together with different values of culture, tradition and faith. Among the multiplicity and diversity of national races, it is very important to have harmony and unity to come into one stream. In such integration, it is necessary for the emergence of federal union accepted by all which is directly related with national reconciliation and the success of peace process.
In conclusion, I would like to urge the entire people to work together hand in hand for the continuation of flourishing democracy and the emergence of peaceful and developed nation. Thank you.
Translated by UMT (HK)

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