The lynchpin of good governance

It is easy to understand that the development of a country depends on the efficiency of its government and parliamentarians. Simply put, the government is responsible for managing the country’s natural resources so as to ensure that its people have their basic needs met.
It is therefore imperative for a country to regard its cabinet members as its most important assets. It is thus equally important to assign the right people with the right skills to the right positions with the understanding that these people determine the success or failure of a government.
One striking characteristic of good governance is that it always prioritises what best serves the interests of the people by mediating between conflicting interests to reach a common consensus on policies and procedures. Another point is that good governance always takes into consideration the cultural and social diversity of the country so as to ensure the best use of natural resources and the development of human resources.
For a government to be successful in its administrative responsibilities, it is incumbent on the leader to form a government with the right people. Otherwise, ineffective management will result in mismatch recruitment, which, in turn, will effectinefficient public services.
After all, clean government and good governance require quality people with excellent management skills. A government’s success is measured by its willingness to listen, its ability to communicate and its self-awareness of accountability and responsibility.

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