The minimum wage and basic human needs

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[dropcap font=”0″]I[/dropcap]t has been a long time since the minimum wage law was enacted by the government and rules for the law were issued, but the law cannot still be enforced as it requires an agreement on the minimum wage between employers and employees.
An agreement needs a common ground but it is very difficult for employers and employees to reach a consensus on the minimum wage. This is because the higher the minimum wage, the less the profits for employers, while the lower the minimum wage, the fewer the chances employees have for meeting the basic needs of their families. Since human beings have their own basic needs, it is impossible for them to survive for long without meeting their basic needs.
Let alone the minimum wage, nothing in the world should restrict the basic needs of people. The minimum wage should therefore be set based on no other factors than the cost of living for meeting the basic needs of people. Under such circumstances, the government can play a positive role in setting the minimum wage by giving incentives to employers for raising the minimum wage by for example offering tax exemptions and providing employees with their basic needs such as lowcost housing and healthcare that every citizen is entitled to. This will actually turn the challenges into opportunities.

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