The nation must be resilient to overcome COVID-19 challenges


Three COVID-19 patients died within the past few days, as their weak immune systems were not strong enough to resist the attack of the COVID-19 virus.
When it comes to successfully battling diseases, resistance or immunity becomes the important factor.
Likewise, to overcome challenges ahead, the people of Myanmar need resilience.
While wrestling with the idea of how we can fight the global pandemic and how many people will suffer as a result of COVID-19, we should not forget about our resiliency.
It is this resiliency that exists within the human spirit, allowing us to overcome obstacles and rebuild our lives.
It is our community, built by human beings who choose to live together and support one another.
The government’s programme of supplying five basic household foods to non-regular income families will kick off today. No one is to be left behind in receiving food, in the face of this crisis.
Coincidently, The European Union has announced the creation of a €5 million (almost 8 billion Myanmar Kyat) emergency cash fund, named “Myan Ku”, to support thousands of Myanmar garment workers who have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We heartily welcome the move, believing it would ensure the workers, our citizens, remain resilient in overcoming challenges during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.
To build resiliency in our minds and bodies, people are advised to follow the government’s guidelines for good hygiene, because prevention is still the best medicine in Myanmar.
Frequent handwashing, keeping clear of people in settings where disease can spread — these are common-sense practices. Even so, making them habitual takes time, so people need to start now.
Those in particular danger are the elderly and others who have chronic diseases.
So, families need to take precautions for them and need to think about keeping elders somewhat isolated from public settings.
Now is the time for preparing anything that can be done — by everyone who may, at some point, find it wise to stay home — which would be key in blunting the effects of the virus.
We are confident that our people can come through this crisis, and also come out more resilient at the other end. So let us all be resilient, to overcome challenges ahead during this time of crisis.

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