The natural world needs our protection more than ever

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  • Environmentalists have been warning us of the increasing global temperature for many years now. Global warming is a serious threat to Earth’s existence and it has been showing various warning signals to the people living on this planet.
    There are many reasons driving global warming but the main issue centers on people using the natural environment for their own benefit. It has not been long since the call for environmental conservation has been signalled across the world.
    Whatever the cause may be, global warming is bringing with it climate change and melting ice caps. But there are more issues behind these two simple understandings. Climate change will bring torrential rain in some areas and droughts in other while making temperatures unbearably hot or cold as well. It’s not a difficult question to ponder if these changes will have adverse effects on our lives.
    The late U Tun Lwin warned us that global warming would increase the danger and frequency of tropical cyclones and the number of people facing threats from rising sea levels would go up from 2.8 million now to 4.6 million by 2050. In addition, we would lose numerous natural habitats and the flora and fauna inhabiting them should water levels continue to rise.
    Scientists from around the world say that climate change will affect everything from aquatic life to the crops we plant, thus bringing all sorts of dangers into our lives, and especially our food supply.
    As land become scarce, both people and wildlife will have to migrate to higher or drier land and this will cause serious complications. What’s more, these issues are no longer predictions but problems in the making. If we cannot bring serious solutions to these issues, then the future of our world will be grave indeed.
    Myanmar is a portion of the planet and we likewise carry a portion of the responsibility to preserve and protect it. This requires more than just saving our forests; we must protect every plant and tree in our environment.
    We can no longer turn a blind eye to money-making entities indiscriminately chopping down forests and digging up resources. We must take natural and environmental conservation with the utmost seriousness.
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