The odds are very much in our favour to reach our goal in less than 20 years to come

  • Khin Maung Oo
  • It has been nearly seven decades since our country gained independence. Sorrowfully enough, however, most of our national ethnic brethren cannot savour the taste of Independence to the full, until now. This is attributed to a legacy left behind by the colonialists that governed the country for about a century—sowing mistrust and misunderstanding among us by governing the country using the tactic of divide-and-rule. With the concept that the development of a country cannot be built up without peace and stability, our leaders are now trying to bring about the fruitful results of a federal democratic Union. In such a time when our leaders are exerting their concerted efforts to get national peace, destructive elements from home and abroad, unwilling for the country to get peace and stability are trying to ignite riots and conflicts in the country in various ways, by spreading rumours and invented stories among the people through social media—face-book and web pages. To add verisimilitude, they are found to have attached fake photos to their fabricated ones by photoshopping which is a slang term to describe any image that has been digitally manipulated or altered, so as to arouse misunderstanding. Much as they made efforts, their hidden image was unmasked.
    According to the News on AL Jazeera News Grid programme, Ro Nay San Lwin has sent fabricated news and photos to a producer of AL Jazeera. Many pictures have been said to have flowed into AL Jazeera and they made the programme team frustrated. Ro Nay San Lwin also posted a fake picture on the social media and news that a child died due to forced vaccination in Rakhine State. Another foreign media has recently posted fake news and images which have been altered using Photoshop software. Suffice it to say that we should not fall for invented news of instigators of riots and conflicts. Now that we have many tasks to carry out relating to resettlement and rehabilitation in conflicted areas, peace and stability is urgently needed. Thus, now is the time to remove misunderstanding among us to build a better future of our younger generation. And now is the time to build up a developed and modernized federal democratic Union by safeguarding our sovereignty from the dangers of destructive elements. In the Regions and States in which peace and stability has been gained, development projects are progressing remarkably well. Yangon City is now seeing imminent prospects. Its major urbanisation problems—traffic jams and undisciplined vendors on roads-side platforms have been solved to a satisfactory extent. Samaritans and philanthropic societies emerged here and there. Most students began to take part in social activities. Government servicemen were allowed to do politics outside working hours.
    Rome was not built in a day. Change cannot be done overnight by any one person or group of people. It will take us time to move on to our destination, on one condition that we need to contribute our physical and mental labour as much as we can, in order to smoothly and quickly get there. That is to say, the whole populace, including our national brethren need to take part in the nation-building process. Now, an unprecedented amount of budget allotment has been provided for the education sector. Our younger generation will be enjoying the fruits of this investment. Every advanced country started from zero development and had to work really hard to reach the current state. We have good leaders to lead our country. We have natural resources and human resources of great virtue. What we urgently need is Unity, or rather national reconciliation. This will be possible only if the People including our national brethren, the Government and the Tatmadaw will work hand in hand in sincerity, mutual understanding and mutual trust. We are likely to reach our goal in less than 20 years to come. To coin a phrase, “our days will surely come.”

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