The Party for People presents its policy, stance and work programmes

Party for People Chairman U Myo Min Tun (aka) Percy Pyi Hein presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 30 September.

Greetings esteemed voters and citizens
I am Chairman U Myo Min Tun (aka) Percy Pyi Hein of the Party for People. We established our party on 23 July 2015. We have formed our party intending to improve socio-economic livelihoods, human rights, resolve issues in society, and maintain solidarity among all ethnic groups in the nation.
Our party’s flag and logo are the same. The flag has a red and green background with a blue circle in the middle. There are 14 white stars of equal size circling the Independence Monument inside the blue circle. There is also an image of people shaking hands in the circle.
1. The red background represents bravely working hard to improve the socio-economy and prosperity of the people;
2. The colour green in the background represents prosperity and social development for the people;
3. The blue circle stands for national peace;
4. The 14 white stars represent equality for the 14 states and regions.
5. The Independence Monument is a milestone of the nation and the stars circling it expresses our solidarity;
6. The image of shaking hands represents finding solutions to conflicts, differing views and national issues.

Esteemed voters and citizens
Politics is a wide-ranging issue relevant to all citizens. It is also difficult and complicated. But we cannot ignore it because of that, and our party must help people understand the essence of politics. Our party strives for the interest of the nation and people based on the responsibility and accountability principle. Humanity has searched for better ways to fulfil their basic needs, resolve social issues, manage, govern and administer.

Esteemed voters and citizens
Our party believes any matter can be resolved through discussion and negotiation as the correct path of democracy. Negotiations must be equal and cannot favour either side of the equation. We will establish a government that the entire population can put their trust in. The government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar will develop the basic needs, education and economy for the people.
We will invite experts and investments from abroad and encourage ethnic entrepreneurs to drive up the national economy. Ethnic groups must have equal access to natural resources and fully participate in agriculture and industrial businesses. All citizens must be included in communal peace and the rule of law, both essential for national development.
The Party for People will attempt to resolve the differing views, conflicts and disagreements between ethnic groups, and the people and the government through discussion and negotiations to instil peace and stability.

Esteemed voters and citizens
Our country had suffered from what we were under the colonialists for many years. Even after achieving independence, the differing views of our leaders stopped national development and lowered the standards of the nation and its people. We must not differentiate between the states and regions and consider the country as a whole. Democracy is the most suitable system for this.
We need to take lessons from our political history, political thoughts, ideologies and theories to resolve the existing political issues by making the right decisions. Our party’s political route is democratic, and our belief is for peaceful coexistence and respecting the rule of law.

Esteemed voters and citizens
Our party will protect the unique culture, education, society, languages and literature and religion of all ethnic groups. We will improve their education, healthcare and social standards. We will preserve their integrity, cultural heritage, religions, languages, arts and customs from disappearing.

Esteemed voters and citizens
The strength of the economy is the mark of a nation’s development. Our country has plenty of free and wildland that will allow us to advance to industrial farming and improve the agricultural sector. We will acquire foreign expertise and investments to manufacture our raw materials and resources into high-quality products suitable for exporting to other nations. We must make our natural and historical locations attractive for tourism as well.
We must pave the way for ethnic entrepreneurs and private businesses and enact laws to resolve the rising land values that are an obstacle for foreign investment.

Esteemed voters and citizens
Education is the foundation for national development. We must heavily invest in education for a world-class education. We must cultivate the skills of our teachers and regularly review the education system of developed nations with our own.
We must ensure all children and illiterate people in the nation become educated. All school-aged children must attend school and bring children compelled to work back into the classrooms. Our party will ensure children are not subject to mental, physical or sexual abuse.

Esteemed voters and citizens
The State and private businesses must cooperate on healthcare to provide affordable services. We must encourage physical exercise on a national scale and prevent abuse of cigarettes and alcohol. We must conduct health education nationwide.

Esteemed voters and citizens
Farmers play an essential part of our agro-based nation, so will ensure the right to work on farmlands is secured for farmers and their successors. The State must support them in this regard as well. Food is important, and thus urban expansion onto farmlands should be prevented by law.
We must provide farmers with the necessary machinery and financial assistance. We must fully transition to industrial farming with rice as the main export while promoting other crops as well. We will ensure workplace safety and sufficient wages for labourers and their basic needs are fulfilled.

Esteemed voters and citizens
The sovereignty and stability of our borders is the responsibility of the Defence Services. The nation is as strong as its military. Thus, the army must be modernized and armed with the latest weaponry. Military personnel must be sent abroad to accumulate international experience.
We must have joint military exercises with other nations as seen fit. All citizens must enrol in the military and be called to arms when needed. The military is the main strength for national security and the second source of power in that regard is the Myanmar Police Force, which must be expanded to five times its current size.

Esteemed voters and citizens
A single individual cannot do anything in our current political landscape alone. All political forces, organizations and the public must work together. If discussions and negotiations do not produce identical results, then the peace process will not be sustainable.
Our nation is still on a bumpy political road with differing opinions, views and power struggle between armed groups, ethnic groups, internal forces and political parties continuing to this day. Our nation is unable to move forward. We must begin all-inclusive activities that benefit society and end the grudges and hatred between all groups.
All stakeholders must set aside their differences and cooperate on the same path in the upcoming exciting 2020 General Elections. Regardless of who wins and who loses, we must all work to improve the nation with a smile.

Esteemed voters and citizens
May your vote bring forth capable representatives.
May your vote create a good government.
May your vote place the nation in the middle
of the world.
May your vote develop the national economy.
May your vote help the nation perpetuate.
May your vote bring peace to the nation.
That is why do not refrain from voting as you have a duty to the nation. I will end our party’s speech here.
Thank you.

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