The people of the nation drive its development

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  • One of the most important drivers of a nation’s development is continued improvement of its human capital. To put it another way, a nation must invest in its human resource in order to develop. There are three M’s for achieving development – man, money, and material – and experts say human resource is the most vital among them.
    To develop human capital, the quality of a nation’s population has to be brought to a desired level. To achieve this, government agencies and the private sector must invest in education and healthcare, open centres for vocational education, training, and conduct capacity building workshops.
    The people, on their part, must make efforts for personal development. They need to invest their own time and money for this. By doing so, they will not only become a valuable resource for the nation, but also elevate their individual status.
    In her speech at Khamti Township in Sagaing Region on 6 March, the State Counsellor had said: “Our objective is for national development that brings equal benefits to everyone. We don’t want one place to prosper while another is struggling with poverty. A nation’s main resource is the skills and capabilities of its people. The people must have the required skills to bring prosperity to the country so that it can travel along the correct path towards its objectives.”
    Every government that accepts the crucial role active citizen participation plays in national development upholds policies and work processes that promote inclusivity.
    There are still people who remember the centralized government of the past which employed different methods to rouse the people and gather their strength.
    But this was limited to people acting as players, and the people participated in the centralized system in the past were merely given superficial roles.
    However, the essence of a democratic system lies in the initiatives of the people and the decisions and actions taken by them. Every citizen must believe that we all have a responsibility towards our nation, and when this belief combines with individual development, we will be able to push forward with the task of development with pluck and prestige.
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