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“We take a lot of pride in introducing quality Myanmar’s traditional foods of international standard to the world by a Myanmar citizen-owned company.” said Marketing Director Daw May Zin Soe Htet of City Mart Holding Company Limited.
She referred to “The Pride of Myanmar” programme carried out by her company which has opened many shopping centres across Myanmar.
The initiative has been introduced since 2013 when Myanmar hosted SEA Games. The sports event provided a good opportunity for the company to introduce quality Myanmar’s traditional foods of international standard to the world.
The company selected quality foods produced by SMEs in the country after carefully scrutinizing to put them on the stalls of such shopping centres as City Mart Supermarket, Ocean Supercenter, marketplace by City Mart under City Mart Holding Company Limited.
The initiative has been carried out in line with the motto “Growing together with local communities”, and at the start, 57 items of foods were placed on the stalls of shopping centres. Food items and Fresh Food items namely tamarind toffy, peanut jam, sunflower seed, jaggery, pickled tea, green tea, Thanatka and such instant food such as tea, coffee and Monhinga.
The company sets standard in categorizing foods – they are of pure Myanmar traditional foods, they are not hazardous to health, the raw materials contained in the food must be of good quality, the good manufacturing practice shall be applied throughout the process, and weight, and instructions for how to consume the items and other details are to be described. As a result, such food of 119 brands which strictly follow the rules are now included in the Pride of Myanmar initiative.
Regarding the products which will be put on sale at shopping centres, City Mart Holding Company Limited gives suggestions of how the product should be packed or how it should be promoted. Many businessmen have been attracted by the programme thanks to the suggestions made by the company.
According to Business Development Manager U Pyay Nyein of Thuriya Win Company which is producing Nagar Pyan tea, there are two kinds of benefit for entrepreneurs by putting on sale their goods on the stalls of City Mart: one is their goods have been advertised and the other is the product win the trust of consumers at home and abroad.
The Pride of Myanmar gives exclusive space for products which are on the stalls of shopping centers under City Mart Holding Limited not just for the promotion period but permanently.
If you look from business point of view, market expansion cost can be saved thanks to many branches of City Mart Holding Company Limited which deliver goods to reach directly into the hands of end users, said Daw May Zin Soe Htet. She also pointed out that public is becoming aware of the fact that locally made products have abilities to compete with imported FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), it is a good opportunity to attract investments into the business.
Moreover, local SMEs have another opportunity in addition to selling their products at the shopping centres – gaining international experience through the arrangements made under Pride of Myanmar initiative.
For the development of SMEs, she said, pure Myanmar products have been displayed at the Promotion Area during the promotion period and then they have been led to such an event as ProPak Asia thereby gaining new experience in packaging industries.
Among the products participated in the Pride of Myanmar initiative, best seller award and popular choice award are presented to the winners.
Pride of Myanmar’s best seller award for 2017 went to Top Chew Nut brand which produces cashew nuts, the product of Chin Chin Company. Royal Tea Mix fetched Pride of Myanmar’s Popular Choice award.
Also brought glory to the country in 2016 is Tree Food Company’s jaggery. The company processed jaggery, Myanmar’s traditional snack, to gain global market share.
“The business is dubbed Small and Medium Enterprise, but actually it is very hard to run the business especially food business. There are many challenges to produce food because it straightly goes into the mouth of a person and thus we have to struggle harder than other SMEs.” said Founder and CEO of Tree Food Co., Ltd. Daw Cho Lei Aung. Although SMEs are self-reliant economy, one should not looks down on it, she said. Daw Cho Lei Aung disclosed that with innovative packaging system, jaggery is being mixed with the flavour of lime, yogurt, ginger and jujube, and jaggery with the taste of tamarind will be sold at Pride of Myanmar initiative.
Not only creating a foothold for the locally made products, the Pride of Myanmar initiative will surely be bringing glory to the nation by showing that Myanmar’s products can compete with imported goods.
City Mart Holding Company Limited has been making arrangements to hold the fifth special promotion programmne of the Pride of Myanmar which will be from 26 October 2017 to 28 February 2018. So, everyone has a chance to test the quality Myanmar foods.
Pride of Myanmar cordially invites you and your loved ones to visit the show and see the quality of pure Myanmar’s product.

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