The quality of teachers is more crucial than the system of education


[dropcap font=”0″]I[/dropcap]t is widely accepted that educational might decides the economic growth and future of a country. Raising the equality of teachers is clearly more important than amending the educational system. A glance at countries with educational systems that are world class will reveal that teaching enjoys the highest status as a profession.
The education momentum in our country has stood still for various reasons. One major cause is putting too much focus on pass rate through rote learning and spoon-feeding. These teaching practices are poisonous to innocent students, especially younger ones.
The increase in the number of graduates with unsatisfactory academic achievements signals a radical reform of the education sector, which is absolutely essential for our children to receive the proper education they deserve.
There is every reason to believe that sound education enables children to shape their own destiny and the society around them, choose fulfilling jobs, enrich their lives and become masters of their own fate. In other words, education can provide a route to liberation from narrow horizons and limited hopes.
Educational reform is not just about modernizing curricula. It also involves improving the quality of teachers and encouraging professionals to render collaboration in the process. In this respect, comprehensive plans should encompass profound structural change as well as attracting and training better teachers.
Our country has had a long tradition of regarding teachers as noblest and most invaluable assets. This esteem places a responsibility on the shoulders of teachers to fulfill the destiny of their students. All in all, there is no calling more noble, no profession more vital and no service more important than teaching.

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