The Role of Institutions in the Process of Governance


The role of institutions in the process of governance is the central concern of institutional Theory approach. In determination of the capacity of the government to govern effectively, for example, the role of the presidential or parliamentary institution in making the governance process work within a state is the central focus of this approach. In this approach, major questions which are related to the role of the non-majoritarian institutions like that of courts of law, bureaucratic  machinery and central bank have also been raised.
In this regard, it is worth noting that scholars like March and Oslen (1989) conceptualized institutions as sets of norms and logics of appropriateness that give guidance to the policy makers. In fact, governance, according to the institutional theories, can be understood through logics being utilized to govern and, regimes and norms being followed in its attempt to govern. Historically, governance is viewed as path dependent i.e. the one which worked in the past world continue to work successfully in the future, too. Governance is largely inertial for them. As for the national choice institutionalists, governance involves the exploitation of incentives for the participants and if it is attuned correctly, governance becomes relatively a sample exercise.
Institutional question in regard to civil society organizations (CSOs) is also a major concern in this juncture in order to be able to find the best strategy for governing process. Concerns as to whether to build civil society organizations (CSOs) or institutions to improve governance, the institution emphasized the construction of effective institutions to improve the methods of governing . Nevertheless, this does not necessarily deny the importance of CSOs in governance. It is believed that institutions are more believable than that of the society because they can be structurally changed quite easily by the political leaders. CSOs may in that case be more defending to change imposed from outside.

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