The strength of a nation lies in its educational might

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It is globally accepted that education is an effective means of eradicating poverty, building peace and creating sustainable development. This aims cannot be achieved in the absence of quality education to which everyone has easy access. Simply put, education is central to social and economic development.
The governmental bodies should work closer than ever before with a variety of local and foreign institutions to make the country’s education system more effective through policy change. An important point to remember is that there is nothing much in the change of law and policy in itself. It is in fact teachers who are key drivers of education. After all, an education system is only as good as its teachers, no matter how excellent the education law is.
Six decades ago, our country boasted a dreamlike status as an education hub across Asia. Now the glory has long faded away. However, there is no point in crying over spilt milk. All we have to do is not to repeat the same mistakes but leave the educational affairs in the hands of educators, as the quality of education and the quality of teachers go hand in hand. And another important thing we need to do is to stand united to support teachers and encourage quality learning.
In a world of rapid change, teachers are a worthy investment for the future of the country. The government in cooperation with formal and non-formal educational institutions should arm teachers of today with the skills and knowledge so that they can meet the diverse needs of students and respond to contemporary challenges.
Only when the education of teachers is strong will the education system be strong. Likewise, only when the education system is strong will the nation be strong.

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