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According to Myanmar belief, cemeteries, hospitals, police stations and law courts  are the four places that should not be overcrowded. But these days we see a great number of people in all of these places. Generally the first two seem to be connected with health, and we say we cannot avoid going to these places one day or another. We assume that only greed, anger and ignorance push us to the last two places. Greed of self-centered people and our ignorance—lack of knowledge on hygiene, make us go to hospitals and untimely deaths.
At the 2nd Pyithu Hluttaw, 4th regular session’s 2nd day meeting, a parliamentarian, put forward a motion, urging the State Government to effectively control and ban the sale of unhealthy, chemical dyed foods in the market, including school canteens across the country. The motion presented by this parliamentarian highlighted to us the true situation to be urgently solved by the whole populace, including the government and all of us.
As for the consumers, especially immature children, due to the lack of knowledge regarding basic hygiene, they cannot decide which food is safe and which food is dangerous. What is worse, food with their colorful design and appearances being sold at school canteens attract children. These foods are of low quality. If restriction on these foods cannot be made, children are in danger of food-poisoning and other kinds of diseases. It is a danger challenging the lives of younger generation. For children to be free from eating these dangerous foods, parents, teachers and sellers themselves need to cooperate so that the future health of our children will be safe. To guarantee that our school children have of hygienic food to eat, departmental organizations, food producers and sellers of imported food should get together and make a concerted effort to solve this problem before it is too late.
People at the grass-roots level consume food depending on their income, so safe, nutritious and healthy foods are out of their reach. In Myanmar our traditional food—fish paste or Ngapi, is said to be contaminated with arsenic, and sometimes with urea fertilizer. Also, it is said that various kinds of chilli powder are contaminated with chemical dyes and fungi.  Thus, the situation is very dangerous for our country.
As we all know, most of the road-side Myanmar food sellers rarely use gloves in preparing food for their customers. And it is very disgusting to see them use unclean water to clean dishes and plates. These bad practices should be strictly prohibited. Also our people love chemical-contaminated foods and drinks. So long as these unhygienic sellers carry on their business without any action from the authorities concerned, more and more health problems will increase at an alarming rate. Severe actions need to be taken against these undisciplined street vendors. Only then will public health improve.
Most of us know that cancer is a serious disease that is caused when cells in the body grow in a way that is uncontrolled and not normal, killing normal cells and often causing death. Out of various kinds of cancer, leukemia is a kind of blood cancer.  Patients receiving medical treatment at the hematological department of the Yangon General Hospital were found to have been affected by chemicals and chemical-contaminated things such as fertilizer, drugs, dyes, smells and foods. Although they know that smoking and chewing betel-quid are hazardous to health, people still cannot abandon their habits. To put it simply, education campaigns on public health at the community is still weak and inadequate. People need to be made aware of the dangers of unhealthy foods, especially foodstuffs contaminated with chemical dyes. If we all agree that the future of a country belongs to the youths of today, our future looks very bleak indeed unless we solve this problem with the urgency it deserves.

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