“The travaller’s Guide” A brief History of Yangon

Than Zaw

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Many Many years ago yangon was a very small fishing village named “DAGON”.
In this past century, kings and queens came down there to pray Shwedagon pagoda.
Once upon a time, a very religious devotee queen of Mon ethnic by the name of Shin Saw Pu had happened to come and dwelled at the village. She set up the Dagon City and constructed the palace and had been paying respected and worship the Shwedagon pagoda for ever since 1460.
To see : The ashes of the late Shin Saw Pu queen, still remained housing in Shin Saw Pu pagoda in San chaung, western site of Shwedagon pagoda.
1755: King Alongpaya, of kone baung, upper Myanmar, captured the Mon Kingdom, renamed as “YANGON” as no more enemy left to fight. He expanded the city, developed the port and made it the administrative centre for lower Burma.
To see: The statue of Alonghpaya out side the National Museurm.
1800: Yangon become a major residence of many foreign traders. They made Teak Stockade Stockade surrounding 75 aeras town, made of wood and bamboo buildings. It was along Sulay pagoda, Strand, Shewbontha and Bo Aung Kyaw street.
1824: Brifish, the colony, had an aim to fight and take over control of Northeastern India, let to a British Naval force of 10,000 men entering Yangon Habour and that was the start 1 st Englo-Burmese war.
It ended in 1826 with British. They retained the port and 100 miles of territory around it 1852: The 2nd Englo-Burmeses war broke out again over trade in Yangon.
The battles took place there Shwedagon Pagoda was occupied again. So Yangaon came into British possession.
To see; Signal (Ahlanpya) pagoda was used as a singnalling station for vessels  on the river. A British water storage tank was built in the pagoda compound till now.
1853: The war had Ruined the town. So, DR. W. Mongomary and Lt.A. fraser ereated a new Rangoon City Plan.
To see: Down Town streets-plan remained unchanged up to now a days.
The names: Dhalakoussi, fraser, Mongomary were changed to Mahabandula, Anawrahta and Bohgyoke street respectively in down town. The strand and Merchant street are undranged.

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1885: The 3rd Englo Burmese war bagan as king Thibaw to abdicate and they brought him to Rangoon before exiling him in India.
Burma became a British colony and YANGON was renamed as “Rangoon”.
To see: the “Lion Throne” of king Thibaw shown at the Natonal Museum.
1920: The first university students strike took place as a part of the nationalist government which spread out the whole country.
To see: U Ariya monastery where the meeting took place for the 1st students bouycott committee.
1941: Japanese bombed the city on 23rd Dec and occupited the city until 1945 when the Burma National Army, let by General Aung San fought against Japanese supported by the British.
1948: Burma gained Independence on the 4th January after 2 years negotiations made by general Aung San (our national patriot).
To see: British Governor set sail on the “HMS BIRMINGHAM from Rangoon port back to Britain after handing over power to U Nu (To 1st prime minister of the Union of Burma)
Yangon city can be devided in to four main areas.
1.    Down Town : The main central district of yangoon, busy, congested, packed full of shops and officers. A great place to walk around. Most of the areas was part of the original city plan created by the British.
2.    Semi Down-town : Dominated by the serenity of the Shwedagon pagoda, peoples park and kandawgyi Lake. But, also packed full of residential areas, pagoda and shopping cen1tres.
3.    Up Town yangon : a more spaeious feel, a mix of Industry, residentials, small male farmings and retails.
places are known by how many miles they are from Sula pagoda, not by the strectnames.
4. A cross the water: Mainly industrial areas, but first coming new locations for residintial development. Emergeney Telephone Numbers of Yangon. You can enquire by phone to No: 106 a.sregards communieations of Myanmar.
Enquiry for General = 1212 (Ext. 6)
Enquiry about employment = (1212 Ext 7)
Current special information (1212 Ext 8)
Police Force (Myanmar) : 199
Air Port : Ph No: 64011, 662675
Rail way station: PH No: 274027, 202175
Funeral Care Centre No: 578184, 560333
High way Gates Aungmingalar Motor Stand: PH No: 639455, 639466
High way Gate Dagon Ayer: PH No: 865300, 6853377
Ambulence: PH No: 255819
Red Cross : 383685
Blood – bank : 256123
Enquiry for mobile money = 1212 (Ext 3)
For the trevaller’s sve : 1212 (Ext 4)
Enquiry for general : 1212 (Ext 6)
Enquiry Horoscope PH No. 1877
If you go on and on you’l get to your destination.
If you question much you’l get the information.
Don’t be down hearted, keep on going.

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