The World and Myanmar Tourism

  • By Maung Nay

The 2019 World Tourism Day soon falls on 27th September; this year, the celebrations will be held in New Delhi, India. Every year, the World Tourism Day is held on 27th September among the international Community for fostering the importance of tourism and its social, economic, political and cultural value. The third Conference of World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) was held in Spain, thus leading to celebrate every year starting from 1980. The theme for World Tourism Day is recommended by WTO Executive Council.

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This year, the theme for WTD is: “Tourism and Jobs: A better future for All.” The theme is intended to create more job opportunities; only when more job opportunities are created in the tourism sector, then it would be beneficial for the future of millions of people across the world. In fact, tourism plays a key role in creating job opportunities. Probable chances and challenges must be carried out in job markets and technique sectors on this Day.

The World Tourism Organization ( UNWTO)
UNWTO consists of 158 member countries; 6 groups of partners and cooperating allied 500 organizations, interested persons from private, educational and tourism sectors are an international organization. The UNWTO is mainly responsible for dutiful, sustainable and convenient tourism to emerge in the future. As the leading Organization to implement the activities for tourism sectors, economic growth, overwhelming developments and sustainable developments have been carried out by providing tourism policies, modern techniques and knowledge.
In order to carry out tourism rules of conduct, objectives of sustainable developments, the WTO has tried to reduce probable evils and poverty rate for global sustainable developments by means of tourism besides socio-economic benefits. In addition, policies of techniques education and training programs concerning tourism are conducted in over 100 countries as well as competition in tourism sector, marketing, sustainable development on the policies of tourism will get improved for the development of tourism.

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According to the report released in 2018 by World Tourism Organization, the world tourism sector generated 1.4 billion which is 7% of world total exports. Exports of international tourism amounted to 1.7 trillion. The total number of tourists are 57% who travel by air and the rest 55% go for their vacations whereas 13% travel for business purposes. According to the 2017 report of UNWTO, exports in chemical sectors generated $ 1983 billion, fuel sectors: $ 1960 billion; tourism :$ 1586 billion; food: $1466 billion; and industrial sectors: $ 1470 billion respectively. In 2018, America Continent received 217 million tourists with incomes of $ 333 billion, Europe received 713 million tourists with incomes of $ 517 billion, Africa with 67million tourists with incomes of $ 38 billion; Middle East: 60 million tourists with incomes of $ 73 billion; Asia Pacific region: 345 million tourists with incomes of $ 433 billion.
The general characteristics of Tourism Market In tourism market, general characteristics of four out five tourists happen to be local tourists. For instance, four out five European tourists are the ones who tend to tour Europe. In addition, money spent during the trips is mentioned in the following: China: $ 277.3 billion; the US: $ 144.2 billion; Germany: $ 94.2 billion; England: $ 75.8 billion; France: $ 47.9 billion; Russia: $ 34.5 billion; Canada:$ 33.3 billion; Korea :$ 32 billion; Italy :$ 30.1 billion standing respectively .If the policies and intentions of the World Tourism Organization are extracted, developments of responsible, sustainable developments of tourism, emergence of smooth transportations, and creations of job opportunities by means of tourism, reduction in poverty and others are found.

Myanmar Tourism
Myanmar where tourism has been developing rapidly should be observed in accordance with international standards and indexes without losing sight of the world tourism. The Tourism Ministry has outlined tourism sectors from 2013 to 2020, and in all its plans, the focus has been on our country’s multicultural heritage and scenic beauty.
With warm welcome comes the creation of business chances and job opportunities. Myanmar is a good location and hopes to become a better destination. While Myanmar is laying down its responsible tourism policies, wide participation of local populace is necessary to raise socio-economic developments in their regions. Eighteen community-based tourism planning are being carried out in 42 villages in States and Regions such as Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Shan, Magway, Sagaing, Mandalay , Yangon and Taninthayi. In addition, seven planning are also implemented in seven villages.
In addition, abundant productions, distinctions and qualities related with tourism are allowed to compete by exhibiting foods and demonstrations of handicraft souvenirs. Similarly, professional trainings concerned with tourism sectors are given to improve the qualifications of those working in service sectors. The health and security of tourists, protection associations are being formed. These activities resulted in winning the Social Responsible Tourism Award in Berlin, Germany in 2017 by the Pa-O community-based tourism.
Among the responsible tourism policies, one of the main factors is to manage tourism sector; the sector is being carried out in States and Regions; local committees are formed to allocate authorities from 17 September, 2018 by promulgating the tourism laws. Tourism of sustainable developments is the one which tries to affect less evils on environment and traditional culture and let leave a better future for the local populace. Thus there should not be overtourism in main destinations such as Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and Inlay; different and beautiful spots should be created in States and Regions such as Shan, Kayah, Taninthayi, Rakhine and Kayin to reduce overtourism in one area. Thus affecting serious conditions on environment and the traditional culture could be prevented.
In addition, in order not to decrease the number of tourists for market stability, the trademark of Myanmar tourism is “ Myanmar, Be enchanted” to compete with the changing times. According the research evidences for Myanmar by the World Travel and Tourism (2019), 5.9% of total workforce is from tourism with the creation of job opportunities for 135 1800 people in a position to catch up the scheduled 1.49 million people in the main (2013-2020) in Myanmar Tourism sector. In addition to the regions where tourists come en masse, new destinations should be arranged to reduce overtourism in order to distribute the tourist arrivals equally in States and Regions. Overtourism can damage natural and cultural heritage. This heritage can be protected by creating jobs in villages in the states and regions to ensure tourism helps improve the socio-economic conditions of the local people.
In conclusion, according to the statements released by World Tourism Organization, tourists from China, Germany, Russia and Italy spend a lot of money during their trips. Exploring tourism sectors in these countries is a good task indeed. In addition, as the arrival of tourists by air is 57%, it is necessary for them to pay a visit the famous places in the country with without hindrances and also for 55% for holidaymakers. New sites and beaches should be explored to attract the tourists and holidaymakers, thus balancing supplies and demands and creating job opportunities.
Translated by Arakan Sein

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