The wrong approach

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A global summit held in 2005 discussed UN reforms. The basic principle in adopting the UN reform program by the summit was the correlation between human rights, development, peace and security. So, there must be coordination to formulate a single approach after taking into account the given correlation in realizing peace and reconciliation after a conflict. The Rakhine issue must be solved in accordance with this principle.
The Rakhine issue is a problem arising out from the two communities of human society with different backgrounds including faith, race and origin. It is crystal clear that such problems never end just by forcedly imposing a solution by a group of foreign powers. The conflicts in the countries like Syria, Iraq and Libya stand witness to the fact. The military involvement of foreign powers not only heightens the conflicts of Iraq and Libya, but also worsens the plight of their peoples. So, foreign involvement is opposed to the adopted principle of the 2005 summit. It is important not to commit the same mistake again in handling the Rakhine issue.
Superficially, the Rakhine issue is based on the conflict between the two communities with different religious and racial backgrounds. But it is more complex than that. It actually is a result of the movement to demand an autonomous region under the name of an imaginary ethnic people. This movement is generated by a lot of financial assistance coming in from different sources of the world. ARSA or an extremist terrorist group has been formed to realize the aim through military means. Rakhine still lags behind in development. The majority of the Rakhine people are earning their living as migrant workers. The state needs a lot of job opportunities. We need to promote the knowledge and thinking power of both communities. Hence, the Union Enterprise for Humanitarian Assistance, Resettlement and Development-UEHRD of the government in office or the popular government is implementing its task in Rakhine State.
In fact, the popular government is working under the policy of making multi-sector coordination in handling the Rakhine issue. In other words, it is faithfully applying the principle adopted at the 2005 global summit.
Astonishingly, at the time when Myanmar is adhering to the principle, the international parliamentary conference uttered untruthful words saying that the situation in Rakhine State is threatening international peace and security. In fact, the ones who are really threatening international peace and security are no other persons than the dishonest group at the conference taking the wrong approach in trying to deal with the Rakhine issue.

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