Thingyan-Spirit and New Year’s Resolutions for Myanmar


[dropcap font=”0″]M[/dropcap]yanmar Era 1376 ends and Myanmar Era 1377 comes. We Myanmar celebrate traditional Thingyan Festival known as Water Festival across the country. The literal meaning of ‘Thingyan’ is ‘change’. A four-day long water festival welcomes the new Myanmar Era. It is celebrated to mark a short period of passing over into to new year. Thingan festival also welcomes everyone to participate and enjoy a lot of fun irrespective of races. Changing is an absolute natural process, but we humans prefer to face the change which gives us positive effect.
The last day of Thingyan Festival (Myanmar term: A -Tet nae) is the Myanmar New Year’s Eve. Normally, Myanmar including all national races or national brethren participate in Thingyan Festival. This festival is enjoyed by all national brethren with joyful, sincere and cordial spirit. Even then, the international tourists, foreign diplomats and foreigners also take part in Thingyan festivities merrily. Thingyan has no discrimination among nationalities or national races although it is a Myanmar traditional festival. Thingyan spirit is significant, friendly, warm and courteous. It also depicts a part of Myanmar culture. That is why the foreigners take part in Thingyan festival celebrations rapturously and independently. The rapturous traditional event reveals the friendliness, fraternity and goodwill. Foreigners are eager to know the essence of Thingyan Festival and love to learn it and enjoy the most exciting and joyful Thingyan water festival in Myanmar.
During the water festival period, few youngsters act or imitate or wear outlandish fashions or dresses related to alien cultures. However, we Myanmars preserve and cherish the traditional festivals including Thingyan festival with great care. Even the tourists from different countries pay respect to Myanmar culture and they really like it and regard or value the essence of  Thingyan spirit. Cleansing and dousing each other with clean water and doing meritorious deeds are practiced during Thingyan festival or Myanma New Year festival. Meditation centers are specially opened during Thingyan Festival for those who wish to get rid of worries, anxiety, stress, pressure or to calm down greed, anger and delusion. The merry-makers and Thingyan revelers make a lot of lovely and lively fun. This festive occasion or celebration portrays the intimacy among Thingyan revelers. Traditional Thingyan dances and songs entertained to the revelers at the water throwing pandals are very attractive to the foreigners in Myanmar. The revelers also do the chanting of constructive criticism (Myanmar term: THANGYAT) on the inefficient public officials, malpractice, wrong doings done by some people in Myanmar. The style of chant sung to the accompaniment of drums is rather amusing and satirical. This shows that we can frankly and independently express to point out the mistakes or faults or immoral behaviors or inefficiency of the public officials as well as citizens concerned so as to change their bad practice to good practice or to correct their mistakes. The chants include the rising prices of commodities, political objectives, people’s voice on some difficulties facing in their life in Myanmar. Therefore, Thingyan-spirit leads to the harmony, intimacy, improvement and progress for Myanmar society.
We the entire people of Myanmar have to make New Year’s resolution. We should discard the bad things and create good things for the interest of the national brethren. In other words, we need to assess ourselves on loads of demerits and merits that we have already committed or done in the last year. Afterwards, we ought to purify our hearts so that we can enjoy peace of mind.
If we have bad result or failure in business, education and economy in last year, we need to improve all that stuff by making New Year’s resolution. Time lime of our project or task or plan for nation’s economy must be drawn based on the outcome of the old year. As for individuals, they must review their conducts, deeds, success, failure and improvement which have been already done by themselves or encountered in life in the old year. Thus, they can focus and carry on the endeavor in the year to come. Also, they must prepare for new challenges they might encounter in the forthcoming year as well. We Myanmars make New Year’s resolution traditionally or customarily.
The following instances are the New Year’s resolutions made by Myanmar people:  to do or behave more politely or auspiciously; to venture job or business opportunities; to make peace among all national races as well as the global races on earth; to strengthen the relations with international communities; to avoid sinful acts or violent act ; to make more concerted effort for social welfare and charity etc. Anyway, these resolutions for the New Year must be, by any means, implemented perfectly so that the personal benefit and communal benefits can be obtained.We should prepare our resolutions and then materialize our projects properly. Normally, humans wish to see or begin the New Year with prosperity, happiness, auspiciousness and peace. As for Myanmars, we wish our motherland to be more prosperous with peace, fraternity, unity and loving kindness among our national brethren to continue to march towards the Democratic state in the New Year. We ought to vow or pledge that we are not going to bring any internal dispute, conflicts, controversy into the New Year. It is an auspicious news that the ceasefire agreement is unanimously made and signed by present democracy government and all ethnic armed groups in Myanmar. It is a good omen for future socio-economic development of Myanmar. Moreover, Myanmar New Year will have more prosperity, tranquility and pleasantness indeed. Hopefully, the entire Myanmar citizens will be happy, healthy and wealthy in the New Year. To radiating or showing more compassion, sympathy, empathy and religious tolerance should be included in New Year’s resolutions. Individuals may have made New Year’s resolutions differently. Maybe some might want to extend the businesses of their own or some have vowed to quit or give up smoking or drinking alcohol or chewing betel etc,. Actually, their plans or decisions to do for New Year may vary according to their circumstances and situations. Nevertheless, every one of us wishes to have better, comfortable and prosperous life with change which must be a positive effect. Let us practically implement our New Year’s resolutions with concerted efforts.
May cool and fragrant Thingyan water freshen the Myanmar citizens to be able to serve their motherland with vigorous strength and capacity for Myanmar New Year, 1377.
Have a happy and prosperous New Year!!!!

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