Those from organizations with various titles including PDFs in armed struggle line invited to return to legal fold

1. The State Administration Council is discharging the State responsibilities under the Constitution (2008) of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar while implementing the Five-Point Road Map and 12 Objectives to build a Union based on genuine, disciplined democracy and federalism. Meanwhile, as those wishing to politically indoctrinate the people and make attempts to cause the utter devastation of the State unlawfully formed the Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (CRPH), the National Unity Government (NUG) and their subordinate People’s Defence Forces (PDFs) and committed armed terror acts, the government declared them as the terrorist groups under the Counter-Terrorism Law.
2. These terrorist groups persuaded innocent people to join the terror organizations with indoctrination based on frightening, sending them to the areas of ethnic armed organizations for attending the explosives courses and participate in the ethnic armed organizations to commit murders in terrorist acts and attacks. A large number of Buddhist monks, State service personnel and innocent people lost their lives in the terror attacks. These terror acts hindered the development of the nation.
3. As the strength of the nation lies within, the nation will reach its goal in a short time only when the development of the nation and construction of the Union based on genuine, disciplined democracy and federalism can be carried out with concerted efforts of the people through might and main. Hence, now is the time to make cooperative efforts to build the State by struggling free from the indoctrination of those who attempt to cause utter devastation to the country, and those involved in terrorist groups including PDF for various reasons and illegal organizations are invited to return to the legal fold for participation in the nation-building tasks. If those who returned to the legal fold committed crimes such as murder, rape and harming others, they would face trials at the court under the law and the government would ease any restrictions over them depending on their crimes under the law.
4. If they return to the legal fold, necessary assistance will go to them, and cash awards will be given to those who bring arms and ammunition as follows:-
(a) K5 million per gun from the rifle types
(b) K2 million per gun from pistol types
(c) K3 million per shotgun
(d) K7.5 million per mortar, launcher, RPG
(e) K500,000 per homemade shotgun, homemade mortar, homemade gun
(f) K300,000 per homemade mine and grenades
(g) K200,000 per other equipment except for arms and munitions, (e.g., walkie-talkie)
(h) K5 million per drone which can be used in bombing
5. As such, those wishing to return to the legal fold are invited and urged to contact district and township administration bodies, military camps and police stations.

Information Team State Administration Council

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