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Those not willing to work with CRPH can contact administration offices


State Administration Council announced on 5th March that those who are taking part in CRPH and institutions formed by CRPH directly or indirectly will face actions in accordance with the law as CRPH and its institutions are committing high treason with the intention of damaging the stability of the country.

Now, Union ministers, deputy ministers of the previous government and elected MPs of the 2020 General Election, physicians, civil servants and those who want to see stability of the country has informed the administration offices in regions and states by mail and in person that they are not interested in the CRPH. They also said they are not members of CRPH nor support CRPH.

Those who do not want to work with CRPH and its institutions are urged to contact the administration officers in regions and states concerned.

Those who have contacted the officers are now living at peace with their families.

The offices will provide assistance to those who will contact the administration officers to ensure that they live peacefully.—MNA

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