Thousand-year-long unity of glamour and prestige

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  • The State Counsellor and the Speaker of the Amyotha Hluttaw gave respective addresses on December 18 at the Kayin New Year Day celebrations which falls on Kayin Era 2757 1st Waxing of Pyatho, held at the Myanmar International Convention Center 2 in Nay Pyi Taw. Similar celebrations were held in festive mood across the nation, it was learnt.
    Kayin New Year Day has been celebrated annually in Myanmar for 79 years. The Kayin New Year Day held since prior to gaining Myanmar’s Independence while living under the colonial rule shows strength of unity of Kayin nationals living in the Union of Myanmar.
    Over one hundred national ethnic races have been living in harmony and understanding in the Union of Myanmar since many years ago. Though being different in names such as Shan, Chin, Kachin, Mon, Bamar, Rakhine, Kayin and Kayah, we are all family members belonging to the Unique Family—the Union of Myanmar.
    Traditional ceremonies of national ethnic races, their cultural festivals and festive events show that we never stand alone in separation, instead we coexist sharing throes, woes and happiness throughout our history, with family spirit like members of the same family. Since time immemorial, these national ethnic races had settled down here in the country. We all can be said to be family members living in the unique family, “the Union.”
    By nature, human beings go about far and wise for greener pastures, so now our nationals as well have been in many parts of the world. So, our planet is now being called the Global Village. Though living far apart from each other, we are all family members of the same Union, hence the need to live in unity and with family spirit. Mortals have different souls and minds, thus sometimes they may have different views and attitudes. Sometimes they may be disintegrated by ill-willed outsiders.
    Whatever it is, we must preserve our cultural heritages handed down to us by our ancestors—simplicity, loyalty and open-mindedness. It is our historical obligations to preserve our ancestral cultural heritage of specific characteristics of similar national ethnic races including Kayin nationals, so that they will remain intact for generations to come.
    With the strength of our unity and determination, our Union can stand tall amongst all other nations. It will be a grand grace and honour for us. Simultaneously, we must take lessons from the events when we were disunited by subversions of evil-minded outsiders, so that we will be able to co-exist eternally on this planet.
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