Maubin industrial zone to become 3rd zone

Untitled-1Maubin industrial zone will be established on 283.41 acres of land in Maubin in three years, it is reported.
This zone will be set up between Nyaungwine village-tract and Pantaput village-tract in Maubin Township. The project aims at developing the socio-economic status of the local people.
Maubin industrial zone was initiated with 26 shareholders from Maubin Development Company Limited which has now been turned into Maubin Development Public Company Limited, with 134 shareholders, the majority of which are farmers. This Maubin Development Public Company has established a joint venture with Shanghai Yangon Investment Company Limited and Southern Metal Industry,with Shanghai keeping 55 per cent of shares while Southern, 15 per cent of shares.
The project will include 42 factories relating to clothes, 3 factories of foodstuff, 3 factories of household goods, one literature and entertainment factory, one electric product factory, with a total of 50 factories. Around Ks269,100million are expected to be invested in this project. The infrastructure construction is expected to spend Ks22,113million, with a total of estimated investment of Ks291,213million.  With the construction of the factories, job opportunities can be created for 77,000 locals.
“There is no heavy industry of agriculture and breeding in Maubin. Therefore, we have come up with an idea of implementing the industrial zone in this township. The farmers are happy to be a part of this project because there are a total of 108 farmer shareholders in this project. Currently, we have requested the authorities concerned to grant permit to use the farmland for other purposes. We cannot expect when we will get the electricity supply. But we know power will be supplied by electric power corporation of Kyaikelat Township. There is also a proposal offered by a solar company. Electricity supply will be enough after Maubin project is completed,” said U Win Hlaing, the vice chairman of Maubin Industrial Zone project.
Currently, infrastructures like the foundation, the roads, the ditches for waste water and the fences have already been built as an initial step of the project. The survey on the housing project for the farmer shareholders has also been conducted.
What makes Maubin industrial zone unique is that the shares are held by farmers. The training courses like sewing and capacity building courses will soon be conducted for the local people.
The first industrial zone is in Yangon and the second one is in Mandalay. Maubin industrial zone will be the third one. This Maubin industrial project is slated to complete within three years, according to the Maubin industrial zone. —Soe Win (MLA)

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