Three charged for possessing counterfeit K10,000 notes

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Some counterfeit money-selling accounts and pages are seen on social media.

Three people were charged on 12 July for their involvement in possessing and using counterfeit 530 K10,000 notes (K5.3 million) for which they paid K1,700,000. Police arrested the man, aged 21, during the inspection in Taungup Township, Rakhine State, with 105 K10,000 notes believed to be fake.
According to the interrogations, the man, accompanied by two women, paid K1,700,000 for the forged 530 K10,000 notes through contact from Facebook Messenger near the Aung Mingala bus stop in Yangon. They also stated that some of the fake notes were used on the way back.
Officers also raided the house of the two women and recovered 229 K10,000 notes. The laser line colour in seized fake currency notes was not changed, however, it was found to be a type of copy paper, and the length is one millimetre longer and the width is one millimetre shorter than the original banknote.
Those found guilty of possessing and using counterfeit notes have been charged under Section 105/106 of the Central Bank of Myanmar Law. —TWA/GNLM

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