Three foreign, domestic investments granted in Bago Region

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A general view of the city centre of Bago.

Bago Region sees employment opportunity for 885 residents

According to the Foreign Investment Committee in Bago Region, foreign investment at US$ 9.4 million and domestic investment at K220.5 million have entered into Bago Region this September.
This investment will provide labour opportunities to 885 workers and it includes two foreign investments and a Myanmar investment.
The chief minister of Bago Region said on 13 September at the regional investment committee meeting 6/2023 that it is giving priority to the MSMEs’ manufacturing business development to boost the export industry and import substitution industry based on agricultural and livestock products. The Chief Minister notified the investments of industrial/ construction materials with currency and CMP businesses are also welcomed and it is necessary to support and provide to the existing investment businesses to be able to stand firmly and expand the business under the law.
From February 2021 to September 2023 in Bago Region, there was US$188.495 million in foreign investment and K75,456.275 million in Myanmar investment providing 9,451 employment opportunities. — TWA/MKKS

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