Three gates on east side of MDY Royal Wall to explore

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Mandalay Royal Wall attractive to both locals and foreigners.  Photo: Nway Nadi (Myitnge)

The Mandalay Royal Wall is impressive, with three gates on each side of the royal wall and each gate with its own name.
Three gates on the east side of the royal wall to explore are the Loon Kae Gate, the Oo Htake Gate and the Thaung Nyut Gate.
The names of the doors are recorded on a three-tiered brick crenellated wall at the left side of each entrance.
Mystic figures were buried in accordance with the traditions under the merlon of the corner of the Golden City walls.
The Loon Kae Gate, a northeastern gate, was built under the supervision of Mahar Min Hla Min Htin Kyaw. The words ‘Loon Kae’ were chosen to name the gate because of its auspiciousness that would be great forever.
The U Htake Gate, located in the middle of the east side of the city wall, was built under the supervision of Magway Minister Thato Mingyi Mahar Min Hla Thiha Thu. The gate was named after its location at the top of the wall.
Today it is known as the front door of the palace.
The Thaung Nyut Gate, located in the southern part of the eastern royal wall, was built under the supervision of Maha Min Hla Thiha Thu, the Mayor of Khan Pat town. The name “Thaung Nyut” was chosen, taking the auspiciousness that would conquer the whole island of Zabudipa (the whole world). The names of the gates are to be studied for many purposes.—Nway Nadi (Myitnge) (Translated by Ei Phyu Phyu Aung)

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